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i enjoyed this, xor is my favorite character
altar is an asshole
It's... it's beautiful...

I've waited so long for this day...
this is great

i love it
@Ultizeta: I forgot about this lol

Time to whip up a response.

So like... I understand that the human characters (barring Roland) use the Mega Man base, but I still have to completely disagree that they even look similar. Every single one has a unique trait to them that differentiates them from the other "lookalikes." As I said before the only ones I can even think that look similar are Kaizen and Casey, due solely to the hairstyle (which is like... one of the biggest defining traits with Mega Man styled sprites).

I'll agree: There's been little characterization. That's being worked on. That is something that has been internally acknowledged.

I made the Kirby comparison because in the past you have given a pass to Kirby comics despite the fact that most are all Kirby with a different color and hat. The characterization aspect comes into play, I understand, but I was making a point that visually, you can't really call out the sprites for looking similar when they all have a lot more defining traits than being a different color or having a different hat. Characterization? Yeah. I agree with you.

Part of the reason the pacing is awkward in these first pages is because they were done at a point where each author made their own page to contribute to the fight, it being a back and forth exchange, thus coming off as rough. Pace can easily be broken if two authors are not collaborating on a script. That logic doesn't apply here as well because it's a tournament comic, both authors (and characters) are trying to beat their opponent, leading to weird pacing. It's a fundamental flaw in the genre.

That being said, there is a plan to remake the early pages of the first arc, to provide a better flow to the story. I reread the comic myself, and yeah, that shit is rough in the beginning. At this point in time, the focus is ending the first arc but as we move into the second arc, the beginning pages WILL be remade, hopefully providing better flow and pacing to the ongoing plot, now that the comic has become more of a collaborative effort.

My logic to ending the fights quickly is this: as I stated previously, the authors BlueFireDragon, Crash Guy, kmarwx, the guy behind Refrigerate (idk what his username was), and Cascade have all seemingly left SJ, and thus the characters in the comic either disappear or stick around under the title of new authors. And considering one of the characters was LITERALLY Charizard and the other was a recolored Napalm Man, I personally figured it'd be best to just work them out of the comic so the reboot could be achieved.

I honestly think you missed the point of Casey and Refrigerate dying quickly though. Yeah, it was a quick death but it was done primarily to show how powerful this new threat, and build up the supposed "final battle" against him in the arc's conclusion. He's an over-the-top god, who somehow needs to be defeated or everyone dies. That's the point of them dying so early, it's me trying to build up the character as this sadistic overpowered being who won't hesitate to kill everyone, instead of just being "That Over-Powered Edgy Super Saiyan."

Why I did what I did was also in response to poor writing on my part a year ago when I built Kaizen up for the tournament. I deliberately did make him overpowered for shits and giggles, and coming into the reboot of this comic where Brawl wanted to build up a grander story, I didn't want this character to be part of it, but I also wanted a conclusion to the original bracket that me and my buddies had joined the comic originally for.

That's the endgame, the finals of the original bracket started well over a year ago.

Now. In response to the overpowered characters. I have a lot to say on this one.

First: I will confirm that the overpowered characters in question (Kaizen, Ian, Rick) will all disappear after this arc. The reason they are the way they are in this comic is to provide consistency to how they WERE when we started this up. Yeah, I could have easily said "Okay, Kaizen lost his Super Saiyan and Time Stop abilities." for no other reason than to balance him for the tournament. But in-universe, it wouldn't make sense for him to lose his power like that. I did that once for Punchy in Blank World to get rid of his Super Saiyan powers (which Kaizen also had at the time of his inception because I hadn't retconned it in Blank World yet), and it was a hassle, and I'm still not satisfied with how I handled it. My solution here was to be like "alright he's just an alternate universe version of the canon Kaizen who is a Saiyan."

I'm digressing but that's the point here. We're keeping them overpowered for the first arc and then they're gone from that point onwards. The reason the retcons don't apply to them is because me and TimeSceo are still working on a plot involving these abilities within the comic. It's part of the ongoing plot. That's why it's not retconned. Yes the tournament """""balance""""" is out of whack, but it's because me and TimeSceo enjoy a big grand DBZ styled battle of overpowered characters. I'm sorry you don't like that and have an issue with it, but it is going away at the beginning of the next art.

Secondly, don't bring up fighting game balance to a guy who plays fighting games competitively and knows what he's talking about lol

Ah. Yes. The complex bullshit segment. I'll commend you on using my own words against me.

The alternate dimension direction isn't irrelevant to the comic, it explains why different fighters who come from different worlds with different sets of rules can all coexist on this plane of reality. Admittedly, yes, you have me there in the fact that we don't know why the gods want to watch that tournament, however this directly counteracts your point of you not having an issue with the resolution of the plot. Should it be explained at the beginning? Maybe. It's certainly something you can do. But the fact that the readers DON'T know why the gods want to watch the tournament is something for later down the line. Yeah, you can be like "well if the readers don't know what the point of this is, how do we get attached to the story." I dunno. The fights? Why else would you read a tournament comic lol

But that, along with other reasons is set to be explained later on. Also the pages will be remade later on, as the group collectively agrees that the beginning of the tournament is weak and provides 0 context for what's happening. That'll be addressed in the page remakes.

As I said before though, the goal now is to finish this arc, this plotline, before moving into the next arc (while subsequently fixing up the previous pages). That's just the direction we're going in now, and things WILL be adjusted and fixed, just not at the current moment.

Yes, you are correct. The readers are not the authors. Even I forget about that sometimes. Again, as someone who did reread the comic and I can completely agree with you that the original pages are extremely confusing, the issue is going to be resolved.

Rebooting the comic is out of the question, still. At least for me personally, that's hours upon hours of work I've spent on making comics that are no longer relevant or will be touched upon because of a full reboot. The other part is that I like the comic the way it is, I like what we've all done with it so far, and things are going to be adjusted. It's not about losing plans it's about hours of time wasted because of starting from scratch. Combine this with the fact that we DO plan on remaking pages, and honestly I just do not see a point to rebooting from scratch. Plus I know me personally, I would heavily lose interest in even putting time into the comic if we have to retread previously established ground. The comic remakes will fix things up and provide a better seamless experience than a full on restart.

(also sidenote: tbh if the comic had just fully restarted when Brawl revived it it'd be different, but instead we kinda accidentally continued what we started, and i think at this point it's just better to roll with what we've got)

Oh, here we go. The "visual clashes."

That's fine to dislike it. But to criticize every author comic for it is just... Come on, why would you read author comics then if it bothers you that much? Y'know, other than the fact that you're asked to review them.

One of my biggest peeves with you in this argument about the visual style is you claim it has a lack of cooperation aspect tied into it.

The first flaw in your logic about wanting it all to have similar visual styles is meaning that requires authors to all come to the same level in terms of quality, something that is fairly impossible considering the fact that it's multiple people working on visuals and plot. People utilize different programs, and in their own comics have vastly different styles that are typically easier for them to use. By asking for every author to make their comics look the same, while it does make the page-to-page transitions smoother, significantly gimps authors who typically make "higher quality" pages. I don't say that to put people down. It limits the creativity of the authors to adapt to a mold that doesn't fit them, especially if they can't use Photoshop or Gimp, or if someone who uses Photoshop needs to come down visually to the level of someone who uses Paint. It creates a bigger strain than I think you realize to all adapt to the same visual style. Yes. I agree, that it helps the page-to-page interaction and smoothens the experience for the reader. But in a multiauthor sprite comic where the authors are all already collaborating on a story together and doing this mostly for fun, it creates more work and stress than necessary.

At that point you might as well have only one person do visuals, and at that point why would you have more than two authors at all? Sure, more people get to collaborate on the story and writing but if one person is doing the visuals then what's the point of having more than just one writer one artist? Not to mention, each author is able to express their own characters the way they want to by everyone making their own page their way. You're never going to have someone else fully understand your characters and the way they are written the way you do if someone else is always doing it for you. And if a group is unable to adapt to a similar looking visual style, where do you go from there?

Differing visual styles, while typically clashing, are unique to author comics, which are done primarily with the intent of having fun. If differing visual styles really bother someone that much, in my opinion, they should just read a solo comic by whoever's visual style they like the most instead, because if the way effects and speech bubbles look are enough to make you dislike a comic, clearly the comic and author comics in general are not for you.

Alright, here we go with the autoplay music now.

As I stated before, my comics, when they have autoplay music, are meant to be read with said music. That's the "artist's intention" so to speak. I understand that people do, in fact, use the internet. I also understand most webcomics don't have music. If I could do flash animations instead, I would as that is how I build my webcomics in mind, and typically a song is in my head during the actual creation of the webcomic, which is how I'd like it to be read. That is how I, the "artist" am presenting my work, how I want it to be experienced. That's fine if you listen to something else while reading comics.

However, clicking the mute button on a tab requires no more effort than switching tabs in most browsers. It doesn't take as much effort as you claim it to be, if nothing more it's a minor inconvenience, and something you personally don't enjoy.

Believe me, I do know that people don't like autoplay. But as I said, that's how I am presenting my work. You're correct, I could put something in the title of the page to show it has sound. I'll consider that in the future.

My point doesn't change that it takes no more than two clicks in most browsers to mute a tab though. It's not really a Herculean task to accomplish to turn off music.

Once again, I appreciate you doing the review but I find many fundamental flaws and non-applicable advice within your words. That's just my opinion, and this all boils down to opinion, neither of us really have any "facts."

That being said, I've said all I need to. I hope you have a swell day.
@lazyhomelessguy: come back

i miss you
i know the background is the wrong shade of black SO SUE ME I DONT CARE

i spent maybe like 4-5 hours on this update

and went through 3 crashes to do it

im gonna go weep now

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hey i updated

i wonder who hexec's mysterious contact is

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for thousands of years i lay dormant waiting for the perfect opportunity

that day has finally come

pros of this review: my name was first on the list of authors

cons of this review: everything

Okay that's a gross overestimation but I have a lot to say in response to this review.

First off, I appreciate the compliments in response to the visual style and general positive response to the comic as of late. And I will reconfirm that yeah, since the comic's reboot we've been all working closer together in order to tell whatever story this comic is about.

In reference to the problems you listed:

Visual style, yes, not all of the comics are equal in terms of how they're put together. Especially at the beginning when (and I don't say this to put down anybody) only a few of us who were part of the comic at the beginning had a good amount of experience at making sprite comics. So yeah, towards the beginning there's some rough pages and as Brawl said, there's plans to return and revisit them. The human Mega Man based characters looking similar I honestly disagree with, especially considering they all wear different colors (and Mega Ian is the most complex out of all of them), and other than Casey and Kaizen having somewhat similar hairstyles, I would just chalk that up to the visual style of the sprites we're using. You can argue the same thing about Kirby styled characters which are worse offenders than what we're doing.

I'd kind of like to know what fight scenes "take too long" and are "over too quickly." Once the comic rebooted, some of the fight scenes involving characters whose authors were no longer around had to be ended quickly so the plot could proceed. In response to the "overpowered" characters, there's not much that can be done about that, especially considering the two worst offenders have been like that since the comic's inception a year ago.

In reference to the context behind the tournament: Again as Brawl said, the comic started off in a very different state and I think props need to be given to him instead of criticism for trying to salvage a plot out of the original shitstorm that was the comic. We're adding lore and worldbuilding so the second arc of this comic can be better than the first. Most of your complaints about "muddying" everything prove you understand what's going on but are criticizing it due to the fact that we haven't gotten to the resolution and payoff of all this complex bullshit we're doing. Give it time. There's a reason things are being done in the way that they are.

Generic characters... That's another thing that comes with time. Again, this comic just got a revival and we're working through it. (also id like to beg to differ that my character has acted like his character description from the get go but thats just me being nitpicky)

In regards to the solutions:

A complete overhaul and starting from scratch, imo, is out of the question. We're taking steps to rectify some of the problems of the early pages, but starting from scratch, especially at this point in the game, would be stupid considering how much work and planning would be down the drain just to have to start over to redo EVERYTHING.

Context is coming. Brawl has literally been setting that up since the Kaizen vs. Quirby Epilogue.

Introductions are different, and that will come over time. Four of the characters from the original tournament bracket are still in said bracket, and that plotline needs to be resolved and addressed before those characters can get proper characterization.

Visual styles more consistent. LOL. I am partially convinced that even after all these years you still don't know what an author comic is. Like... how long have you been doing this and how many times have you said that line and how many times have people actually listened to you? Bro it's an author comic. The visual style becoming the same between all of us is bland and boring. Yeah, I can see where it'd be somewhat distracting but the different style of each comic essentially acts as a watermark as to who's responsible for making what. You think I want someone to see my page I spent 8+ hours on and have them not know who made it? hell no. Having distinct visual styles is fine, and I don't understand why you complain about it in every author comic because it's never going to change and it's always just you saying "i dont like it."

Also no, I refuse to get rid of autoplay music. If there's autoplay music on my page, that means it's meant to be read with that music playing. Your browser probably has a mute button somewhere.

"Strongly urge"

Dude most of what you've said either doesn't apply here, won't work with what we're establishing, or is already being worked on. I appreciate you want us to succeed but a complete comic reboot isn't happening. If that's the only way you see a comic succeeding then damn, that is truly unfortunate.

I appreciate you taking the time to read the comic and give this review but I disagree with pretty much everything you've said.
he tried
Explanation on stuff that doesn't matter and is just an excuse for me to expand the lore/worldbuild the Punchiverse.


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i cant believe neroe is fucking dead
@Guest: even I have a hard time keeping track