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I'm just a guy who makes sprite comics for fun.

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he tried
Explanation on stuff that doesn't matter and is just an excuse for me to expand the lore/worldbuild the Punchiverse.


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i cant believe neroe is fucking dead
@Guest: even I have a hard time keeping track
Bio for Altered Kaizen aka a sadist possessing our pure boy
Updated bio card for Kaizen.

Also he swears a lot.
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So let me start out first by saying I spent about eight collective hours working on this behemoth of a page (and believe me I could have kept going but I figured I needed to end it somewhere).

Obviously this page is a bit grittier than other pages in the comic. Was definitely intentional, as this new being calling himself god, is a character I've been toying around with for awhile, figuring out what exactly I wanted from him. The result I tried to achieve was a sadistic take on the main "canon" Punchy's personality, combined with an all powerful being who has the freedom to do as he pleases. Kaizen's personality can be perceived as edgy, and the type that's always willing to pick a fight, but he's not straight up evil. This guy? Oh. Oh yeah I'd definitely throw him onto the "evil" side of the alignment chart.

Anyways, this is a segue into the end of Crash vs. Mega Ian, and me and TimeSceo have been scheming a bit on making a resolution to the original tournament. So the story is to be continued for now...
@MaXtream: alright now let's hold on a second here.
@Afroman17: but im still here
@Syogren: the alternate one

but ive been alive for awhile now lol
@The name was too long ;-;: well it's over pack it up lads
just testing out some stuff and trying to practice fight scenes
@Omnimon630A: Good hearing from you too man. Hope life has been treating you well. And yeah, I'm still here lmao. Probably will be for another year or two at least.

But yeah man, I wish you well in your life and it was a nice little blast from the past to hear from you again.

also this is like the last update i can do until ian does his stuff but ive pretty much got all my stuff set in place
he is the fucking strong