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@Falconer: I opened up Photoshop to work on some urgent bgs just yesterday, only to find that drawing is relatively impossible with how flick happy it is. What fun what fun
I appreciate all the radio show references so much!
You. I love you right now. You address one of those things that bothers me about people in general. I lived a life mostly surrounded by women. Then I got to college, and I met face to face with the subtle and accepted forms of sexism. You say anything to counter what people think: you're being emotional, sensitive, unfeminine. I love it when people address these issues in literature, comics, and any other form of communication. Gives me a bit of hope and some encouragement. Right on!
It's a little frightening that they have to prove their innocence. In the case of the girls it's 'Guilty until proven innocent.' Yikes!
January 5th, 2013
The pacing is somewhat off, maybe adding a speech bubble with periods in the third panel. Doing so would help to point out that she's contemplating something. Right now, it just seems to me that she's looking at ___(forgot her name. Whoops!) and not much else.

I like this page, it adds to her personality. Somewhat obnoxious and spontaneous

Umm...Yeah, now I'm going to slink off...and... -__-
I just adore this comic~