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i like sonic mario kirby etc. favorite food:chili dogs
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I Didn't steal them
@Wolfry: dude i made it cool look at the hair style of silver
This is my Sonic sprite sheet made by me
sorry guys i am only 9 i have school so yea but its our sem break now finally i can post again here's adventure time
super mario bros z
this reminds me of the cancelled series super mario bros z
@MXD: thanks but i am going to post first the normal then metal
how its done
@mryoshi2002:just right click and save image then done
this is our new banner
anybody saw my pic the prevoius one
also thanks for adding me for co-author its been my dream since i was a kid
hey guys check this picture out its me in the middle getting hit by bullies
i tried my best it was awsome but how to make the background im sure i want to make my first appearance at your comic @Fiora Aroura
ok i need to remember how to make a page plus how to do it i dont remember hehe i last used paint 4 years ago
someone help me remember it pls
oh men i forgot how to make a page plus making it cool the last time i used it was 4 years ago noooooooooo!!!!