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A multidisciplinary, 'Fine' 'Artist', from Brunei Darussalam. Currently trying to figure and work everything out, and this is just a part of it. Hoping to continue what I have started, and ______.

Hi I am Alyssa and I have found myself in the art world! I like to leave some space for my viewers to fill in, but I'm never original :)

I live by my mantra -- "Whatever, x"
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    Alyssa W
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Twice a week
Once a week seems too slow for me, so I've decided to make the update twice a week hehe. Enjoy :)

And this 'thing' is English + Brunei slangs, so:

*** jus - juice
satu - one
buleh - please
Looking good so far, and I really enjoy your drawing style as well! Keep it up :))
@Blue Lettice: Hey thank you, glad you like it! :)
Alright! This is going to be a weekly web 'thing', so the next page will be up next Saturday. Stay tuned x
This new 'thing' launches today, and it's part of me and Waie's (my other half) big big project. This is just a starting point for us, and we're hoping to be able to sell more 'things' in the future. Yep, this is going to be printed and available for sale, so your support would mean a lot to us! In the mean time, please enjoy this 'thing' and pray for the best :)

x Alyssa