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I like pie. D: But not really.
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Also, to thismancan - ... What? Why do you say that? To me its obvious that Alexander too everything and left.
Hm! This is hard to predict.

If Alexander beat up Patrick, Peter wouldn't be horrified, he'd be pissed.

If Alexander robbed Patrick, Peter wouldn't be horrified, he'd be pissed.

Which suggests its worse than that.

My guesses:

1. Alexander killed himself/died in an accident.
2. Alexander raped Patrick.
3. It has nothing to do with Alexander and who the fuck knows what's about to happen?

Also, panel 5 is very awesome just for the movement.
Also, say I'm a bitch but getting cut off will be good for Patrick. I assume this is where he gets a job at Santaria's, whatever that is, as described in the second chapter. I mean, why else would he get a job if Daddy wasn't cutting him off? And maybe this will be a chance to see that Alexander only cares about his money.

Also, since it was mentioned that if Patrick hadn't gotten a job there, things might have been different, I'm betting this is a pivotal point.
Being a gay person who came out of the closet to a less than accepting mother (at the time...) if this is done realistically at all, their father will believe Devon, even if he tosses him out on his ass. Mostly cause he's probably suspected it. Now how he reacts is a different story. Sometimes people surprise you.
This seems great till you realized Devon's probably one or two pages away from outing Patrick to his parents.
Next page, next page, NEXT PAGE OHGODNEXTPAGE
I'mma say this is probably the defining moment for the Alexander being good vs. being bad debate. Does he hide/throw away the letter or does he let Patrick read it?
THat's my theory anyway until we find out that everything Alexander has ever said was actually the opposite of what he meant cause his English is just that bad.
In all seriousness, here's the deceptive thing about Alex and here's what's going to get Patrick in the same situation as Melanie. Alex is way more subtle than Devon. You can excuse any one of his actions with a reasonable and logical argument.

He has no money so he let's Patrick pay. Reasonable.

He doesn't speak good English so he doesn't get out much so therefore he and Patrick like to stay in and don't see others much. Reasonable.

Patrick changed his hair and a little bit of his personality for Alexander, but who doesn't do this a little for significant others? Reasonable.

Alexander takes Patrick's side in this fight because he's not seen as much of the other side and he just doesn't see the whole picture. Reasonable.

But you start combining all these things and stuff becomes too strategic. Patrick's face says it all in the second to last panel. A kind of tired relief. "This is easy. This isn't complicated. I can depend on this and don't have to deal with my problems."

By providing him with reinforcement and an escape from critical thinking, Alexander is making Patrick emotionally reliant on him.

This combined by this intricate web of very "reasonable" things that Alexander does that may be questionable keeps Patrick under tighter wraps than Devon EVER had on Melanie.

Why? At least some part of Melanie knew what was happening was wrong? At least when Devon would lose his subtlety she would become angry and attempt to rebel. She knew what was going on on some level.

Patrick's completely and totally clueless and that's what could keep him in a one sided abusive relationship for maybe the rest of his life without ever knowing what's going on.
bleeeeh. I wanted to give Alexander a chance because I didn't want to judge him on petty actions, but... *thumbs down* TBBBBBT Sorry Alex, you're on the bad list now and I -- Oh look they're kissing. o.o
durning? Did you mean "during?"
Today is Maggie Cleans Her Apartment Because She's Having A Birthday Tomorrow Day. Tomorrow is Maggie's Birthday Day. And the day after will probably be Read Pictures Of You Day. XD
I think Andy will just walk out.
For anyone who has a hard time remembering when any comic updates there's a thing you can do in FireFox where you subscribe to the RSS feed. And instead of going to the RSS feed and not looking at all the ads, which is a little douchey if you like the comic, what it does is uses the RSS feed to tell you when the comic has updated and then allows you to click on the newly updated comic to see it on the website.

If that made any sense.
askjfbsdbvkj I agree with Patrick, its not their business. If this was a case of abuse, as opposed to bum boyfriend, maybe they'd have a right to intervention. And calmly expressing worry is one thing but...

Men. }:<
I'm with Foolio. The problem here isn't Alexandra or Kara, it's Andy and Patrick.
... I'm not sure I understand their problem with Alexander. Yes, he's inattentive to things around him, and yes, he influences Patrick to do things he wouldn't normally do. But neither of those things are necessarily negative. They have potential to be sure.

Truth be told though, some people are just like that. They don't look other people in the eyes and they come off apathetic when really they just live inside their heads and have poor social skills.

Not every boyfriend or girlfriends my friends have had have cared at all about their friends. My best friend has had long term boyfriends that I met as many times as I have fingers. They just weren't interested in being friends with her friends. But I never mad a big deal out of it. It didn't mean I couldn't be friends with her. Plus if I'd made a stink she would have stayed with them longer.

As for influencing Patrick, what significant other hasn't made us want to do things like change our hair, listen to music we normally wouldn't like, watch movies we would not have normally given a chance, wear clothes we might not have looked at before? They act like Patrick was converted to Christianity at Alex's bidding.

I just feel like their overreacting.

Of course, Patrick is way overreacting about Kara, especially since it'll be hard for her to hurt Peter when they're keeping it so casual for the time being...

Maybe Peter and Andy need to do something that most people have a hard time doing: Consider maybe their best friend is the problem, not the people around him.
... Patrick, I am disappoint.