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May 15th, 2017
I must recommend... if anyone has been considering donating on Patreon but holding off for some reason, now is a great time to donate $5 to read ahead a few pages. :)
Some people may be thinking "Isn't Senri a little young to be working on a space ship?!" Well, he isn't. He's 23 years old.
Haha, a fart joke! How funny!

But really, it's like the only joke I could fit in. Enjoy it while it lasts. .-.

I had plans for another one but had to cut it.
This is my first time drawing space ships... go easy on me........... >.>
So couple of things here.

As mentioned here, the alien race is called Orcussians so named because they are from the planet, Orcus.

Little did I know, when I was already well into creating this story, I found that there is already a dwarf planet named Orcus. Please note that the Orcus in this story is a completely different planet, NOT the dwarf planet. In the story, since it is based on real life, Orcus the dwarf planet still does exist, though it is never mentioned.

For the sake of full transparency, for the cityscape of the last panel, I did use a reference image from Google Earth. I am sorry, but I am not creative and great enough as an artist to draw such a detailed cityscape from scratch (perhaps someday!). Specifically, the lineart was 90% from the reference image, while the windows/shading is by hand. Part of the reason for using the reference is because this is a very specific city and I wanted it to look like it, though it is over 300 years in the future.

I just want to make sure no one is thinking it is completely from scratch since it is not.
May 6th, 2017

This is so heart-warming!

........please don't destroy it next page. D: lol
I especially love Chris's eyes on this page. They're just so beautifully drawn!
Cute character, but those arms! O_O
I've loved the chapter and this scene!
May 1st, 2017
;_; oh my god, really, he lasted like two pages.

Oh yeah hopefully he can regen!
Hey everyone!

So it is finally time to mark True Power as a completed comic. It's been quite an adventure drawing this comic and I wish it had been finished sooner, but we are here now.

Today marks a new day with new comics!

First is the sequel to True Power, MS2 which can be found here:

This story follows the son of Copy and Cassie, Michel, and the daughter of Mercedes and Isaac, Midnight. There is comedy, there is some romance (of course!) and drama and fun stuff and of course fan service.

Next is a completely new comic! Celestial Chronicle Shion:

The new comic is a space fantasy about a war with aliens! Because aliens make everything better! This story will have drama, then more drama, then some crazy stuff, and maybe even some romance! Ha, of course there will be romance. Fan service? Maybe. This comic is much more of an adult comic so don't expect it to be like TP or you will be disappointed.

Pages will be open to the public on May 31! Until then, you can start reading them by pledging on Patreon here:

$1 gets access to the first page of both comics while $2 gets access to multiple pages!

Thank you everyone for reading and (hopefully) enjoying my comic. I love making them and I am so glad others are able to enjoy reading them!
Angela's back! Yup, that's Angela. She looks a bit less evil than before.

You can already tell that this is going to go well for one and not the other. haha

Or will it?

Support on Patreon!
If it's not difficult, can you please tell us?
Mercedes is back! And with a new hairstyle!
Loving this comic so far. It's super cute! And the characters are a lot of fun. :D
The cuiburn kinda looks like he wants to bite the guy. XD
@Natain: A person, regardless of gender, who can admit that they are wrong is a keeper! Better? :)
A guy who can admit when he's wrong. <3 Keeper.
For clarity, the j in Jehan's name is pronounced as a y.
So finally begins a completely new comic. I hope everyone is able to enjoy it!

If you like it, please leave a comment to let me know.

If you don't want to follow on Smackjeeves, there is also a Facebook page where you can follow updates for this comic as well as my other comic. Just click on the Facebook icon above to find and like the page.

You can also support the comic on Patreon as well.

Please make sure to read the WARNING for this comic. It contains mentions of rape and there are other scenes which some may find uncomfortable or consider "triggering". There is also nudity and will have plenty of swearing.