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@FreeFriesForEveryone: Yes, this comic normally updates on Thursdays, but there will be an extra update tomorrow!
@FreeFriesForEveryone: Haha.... yeah, I do like to draw bewbs. 8D
@FreeFriesForEveryone: Glad you're enjoying it! :)
Whoa, it's Cassie!

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It's an extra update day!

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Yay! Welcome back!
"Temple of Orcus" hm... it's probably exactly as it sounds.

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We all know that "I'll think about it" just means no.

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Hooray for dragon-people. Everyone loves dragon-people. They look like they're probably really nice.

"Traitor"? Isn't that a bit of a leap from just seeing one little graffiti on the wall?? .........Or is it?

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Well... it's nice that we're finally going over this now.

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uwaah...~ What is that kind of thing doing there?!

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@H0lyhandgrenade: Awww rest up <3
Oh woooow, lookit all these cameos! I know it would have made more sense to go with how the character looked in the past and different Council members, but I couldn't resist throwing in the cameos! I drew Copy completely wrong at first though. lol

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Google image search... of the future!

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Phone... of the future!

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Sorry about the missed update! I suck... but I also started a new job which I was still getting used to and it messed up my schedule for a bit. I have a new schedule now so updates should be more on time!
Haha....... I hope no one cares about what's happening here because we're never getting back to them.
It's really dark in this part of the ship for some reason. Why aren't there more lights?

I have a Twitter page that can be followed for updates!
September 16th, 2017
Love how you did the comic tones for the flashback! :O