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Hey guys, as this says there will be a short hiatus for both of my comics until the beginning of September. My other comic, Celestial Chronicle Shion, will have one more update before the break.

I know it's still really early into the comics, but this was a planned hiatus since I will be on vacation for two weeks in August. I am also starting a new job at.... some point. I just don't have a start date yet.

This hiatus is happening a bit sooner than expected. Unfortunately, I am going through a very difficult time right now. We had to bring my cat to the emergency vet at 2am Wednesday morning thinking he had a blockage but finding out he was in kidney failure. Right now we're hoping for the best and preparing for the worst.
Amazing illustration!
The specks in the third panel are the fighters. Hard to see, but the ones not in the direct path between the Shion and the unnamed Orcus ship are the Shion fighters.
So many comic tones. @.@
Great comic! Wouldn't mind reading more. :)
oooohhhhh deeearrrr

dun dun DUN
Your traditional inking is seriously amazing. I switched over to digital recently, even though I prefer traditional. I make a lot of mistakes when inking, so it has helped out a lot and with making backgrounds.

I noticed though the black on this page is a bit grey looking. Might be worth leveling up a bit so it matches past pages. Otherwise, it looks great! But traditional is always better. :)
Quite the adventure drawing all these ships and whatnot! Totally not what I'm used to doing but it's been fun and interesting.

I'll be putting up a progress shot from this page on Patreon.
Hmm... who could "they" be?
Aww, he kinda looks like a little shounen hero here.

Now I miss him. ;_;
June 13th, 2017
One thing that I like about this comic is that the villains actually accomplish things... horrible things, but things. :(
Me when I try talking with people.
Cool view of the island. Nice that you used your own photograph as a basis for it. :)
Sorry if anyone was expecting this to be completely scientific, but this comic isn't like that. We'll get into more about this later!
Read ahead on Patreon!
Read 2 weeks ahead through Patreon!
Read 2 weeks ahead through Patreon!

I am happy to know Cuiburn do well with fire. At least everything is not lost.
@H0lyhandgrenade: In your experience? D: