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On the plus side, he'll be more than ready next time he runs into a Rhydon.
@AlchemistWarrior30: Electabuzz, of course.

That face in the last panel. Oh god my sides.
Cryogonal needs a hug.... Except the body heat would probably melt it. D:
@Gamining King: Or a two-turn attack like fly or bounce.
The sad part is that he looks tall enough that he could just reach for it... Which would add extra 'fun' to the Foongus idea.
@Hurf Durfington: I can't find the words to tell you how brilliant that interpretation is.
@Megamaxmax: A living ice cream cone is less creative than a mouse with a lightning bolt motif? It's more ridiculous, sure, that's the point of the comic.

There are quite a few ridiculous Pokemon across all generations. I'm pretty sure that nostalgia is the only reason that the likes of Lickitung and Aipom get off so easy.
September 12th, 2012
@shedster: Noooo! Continue to give them ideas!
The alt text would make this the best Inception/Pokemon crossover in the history of Inception/Pokemon crossovers.
Trainers not using revives might be for the best. Imagine if Ghetsis used them on his Hydreigon.
At least it was only a leaf stone. Think of what any of the other evolution stones could have done.