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Hotaru S.
What, you thought you would find things about me?

Man you are such a stalker is this how you get off all day?
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Yay updatage, i'll update soon
The punches should be electrical not fiery and same withe the last sprite
^ Story of me life
about that can someone invite me bak?
Where the hell did i go?
When i said and i gotta go i ment i have to leave the comp cause someone was calling me
Bro, your stealing sprites
in case anyone is wondering i'm not dead just extremely busy, and i gotta go.
i'll try to update/explain but i'm kinda busy too,i'm in georgia visiting my dad who's in prison, so i cant make any promisises
i've been looking for some actually do you got any good ones?
Not my best comic, i see far too many irks for it to be that way but not my worst, and chaos sorry for leaving you out here i just didnt know what to do with you so i left you at the side while i focused on me and felix, and ult/felix sorry for being so late, but better late then never i suppose, enjoy :D
I'll try to update soon sorry unexpected stuff has come up so i havent had time to sprite
Again D is by far the best.
so does no ones else freak out that a bunny has just evolved into the state of acting exactly like humans?
@sonicballzx: Sure but 2 things, onem please please don't interfere with this fight cause that would crash with mine and ultimate planes, and those arent going to be my sprites for much longer.
@sonicballzx: yeah that's me, cause i come and go, a lot, very often, cause i can.