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>Ask for the safe combination
@The_mad_one: I second that
>Walk into the next room with your shield just in case
>With the new power of your Super Swag Shoes, float to the next room
>Use the lid to destroy the last two robots then try to the door afterwards
@The_mad_one: I three this motion
>Walk to the next room
>Examine the inside of the trash cans
> Call for the robot
>Ask what kind of armor is in the armor cabinet, seeing as you already have 2 arm cannons
>Put on both arm cannons, one on each arm, and harness the power of Mega Man and Samus at once
>Go in the direction of the swearing and learn alien swear words! :D
>Tell Geda that your seizures is just you dancing really fast then explore the ship some more
> Order some alienated cheeseburger or something (you might wanna save it for later)
>Knock on Jane's door for help
>Ask for the device
>Examine the safe
@PikaLenny: Or Mass Effect's good/bad cutscenes. Your choice
@Extremmefan: you ruined my joke c'mon.....