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Heya! I'm Janeil, but online I go by my pen name, Alex...or you can call be CC. Whatever you like to call me. Some people call me that "one chick that has the always screaming dragon icon". A bit long, but what the hey, I like it :D

I'm back from my long absence on here and while I did grow older, I did not grow any more mature mentally. So Please excuse my child-like sense of humor, my addiction to cat videos, and the tendency to consume sugary things until I start hallucinating....what people don't normally do that? Eh whatever

Please for the love of god, ignore my old crap comics. I went through a "must make every idea that spawns in my head a comic" phase and I lost control. Only pay attention to my weird dragon comic for now. It actually has decent art and a plot in it!
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Annnd we're back! Sorry for the hiatus. A new work schedule had my entire life turned around, but I'll be posting pages again starting now! Thanks for reading guys!
@ReaderWriterNerd&Geek: He really doesn't remember. It's why he kinda rubbed his face a little and looked at his tears. He didn't realize he was crying nor does he know why. It's also why he was confused when Swift said she "saved" him. :)
New scene and new character! :D We meet the "dumb daughter" Bo mentioned a short while back. Swift is a bi-colored sky wing (kind of rare for the species) and even has different colored eyes to match! She has cross eyes and can't move them so she has to mover her head to look around. Doesn't stop her from being her crazy self!
Well that was rude.
This was a highly requested story! I usually select stories based on polls I have with readers to see what story they want to hear next. Don't forget to check out the main comic here!
Hey! Sorry for the missed update. Robotics is getting pretty busy. I JUST made the site for the mini comics! You can sub to it here if you are interested.

I'll be updating the site and putting comics up on there later today. The first story that will be up on there is a little one about how Cloud and Flare met. I do make these stories upon request too! So don't be afraid to suggest one.
Rare, the kid asked an innocent question! Quit being a jerk!

A day late because of robotics kickoff...and wow what a kickoff! The team I mentor now has six weeks to design, build, and test a robot that will preform the tasks in this video.

As a huge fan of steam punk, I'm more than a little excited :D
Oh uh...hi...


On a sorta related note, if you want to keep better track of the update schedule or want to know more about the comic and characters, you can follow the comic on Tumblr!

You can also find it on Deviant Art!

On the tumblr you can submit character asks or just ask me something you wanted to know (no spoilers from me, but you could get some cool lore!).

Going to put up my mini-comics staring this comic's characters soon. I already started one on my DA called "Wind and Fire" and it's the story of how Cloud met Flare and how they came up with their plans.

Oh and how about that site update? It's growing on me :D Nice move, SJ!

Shout-out to the comic's newest Patreon, Zoroarkthefox!
Don't touch those! They look sharp!
It's good exercise at least...
What are the positives of the comic page starting to fall apart?
@ReaderWriterNerd&Geek: Thanks a bunch :D It means a lot! I hope you will enjoy the rest of the story!
And here we have Bo's fear. Fear of being hated or judged for no real reason. Hatred exists...even in the dragon world.
Wing hands are back :D Will Fury's words work on Bo? Find out next week!
Woop I'm back! :D Sorry for the mini hiatus. I had a con to sell art at and school got really busy.

Fury may be old and crusty, but he's still got some pretty neat powers. Ancients had the ability to change their size and alter their appearance slightly. Fury mainly changes his size to fit through the corridors in his palace and get a better view of his garden's inhabitants. He is blind so he uses his hearing, but that is also going bad. So having the ability to change his size to get close to objects or animals is really beneficial for him.

Also wow! Where did all the new readers come from? Thanks guys! I hope you enjoy the rest of the story! :D
Sorry for the delay! I had tablet problems D: But it's working fine now and I was able to get this page out today.

Fury's here! He's totally blind (lost his sight many years ago), but can still hear what's around him. He is starting to lose that sense too though. Fury is ancient...even for his species.

If you're interested, the full version of the first panel (without dialog) will be for sale as a print! I'll only print them if there's enough demand for them (I usually print in lots of ten so if I get a least ten people who want one, I'll print a set off). They will be $10 each (exact size TBA).
I spent too long on the little details on this page :P Oh hey we've seen that guy before...just not in nice fancy armor.

And Fury snoot :3 Bo yelling for him is partially his antics and partially because Fury has hearing problems. Old age is starting to wear down his senses..and his teeth.'s past midnight, but I promised to get this page done. Took longer than expected to get the center panel done. It's the guardians! I missed drawing them.

Any guesses on who this statue may be? *Hint* They are just as important as the guardians.
And with that, we say goodbye to Foris and Talon...for now. Just a reminder that there will be no update next week! I'll be camping with friends and family and will be without my computer for several days!

See you in two weeks :D