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@Kanra-sama: do you think we should actually continue or finish this? :)
bishie entrance <3
BL ftw xD
This is so cute > 3<
Good luck with your comic! It looks cute ><
this comic is so nostalgic ><
xD Your characters are so cute ><
Redundant with the script,
but whatever. xD
I'm too lazy to edit it D;
Btw, this story is not about how all the guys fall in love with Asami -___-
And no, it's not supposed to be a serious manga either.
The reason why all these "unbelievable" things happen to her is because it IS a manga,
and a manga is not always supposed to be realistic.
Gosh. Calm yo kneecaps.
sebasuuuuu~ <3
Sebasuu is such a bishie ;____;
Clark made me redraw this whole new page ; 3;
It looks better though xD
@Rai-san: xD Yeah? thanks! It's really so supposed to be random anyway. loool. > 3<
this is so cute xD
she's over analyzing everything lol.
update! > 3<
this is so pretty ; 3;
omg, i'm so excited for the ending ;____;
Tamaki being a weirdo again > 3<
this is so cute! > 3< update soon <3
Lelouch is such a bishie ; 3;
Can i just eat him?
He's so adorable. ;_____;
xD This page took SOOOOO long to finish, but it was worth it.
I like how he still calls her by her surname.
Himura-san. <3

OHNOES e n e
/dun dun dun
this is soooo cute > 3<
I love your art and coloring style.
im jelly ; 3;