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I'm awesome111
Favorite food:Japan fried pawn/sushi
Languages know:English and Chinese
Favorite Pokemon:lucario
Second favorite Pokemon:zorak
Favorite book:diary of a wimpy kid
Favorite weapon:rocket launcher
Best friend:Leytrix (he perfered that nickname and he crack me up a lot)
Person dislike the most:fatty(his so fat that he got stuck in his own house's door P.S.his real name isisn't fatty)
Favorite movie:all Pokemon movie/avengers
Favorite wii game:super smash bro.brawl
Favorite drink:coke,Pepsi and Pepsi max
Favorite singer:maroon 5
Real name:Jason
Nick name:Jason de rulo
Favorite super hero:iron man
Thing love to do the most:playing iPone/iPod/iPad with friend
Thing hate to do the most:doing homework
Type of person hate the most:bully(such as fatty)
Birthday:march the third
Favorite song:summer pardise(though it's not sing by maroon 5)
Favorite paid ipone game:field runner 2/mincraft pocket edition
Favorite free ipone game:dragonvale
Favorite sport:tennis/soccer
Favorite animal:mouse
Favorite plant:coconut tree
Favorite comic:sonic univers(it's not on smackjevees)
Favorite season:winter
Favorite ice cream:choclate flavored paddle pop
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Welcome back I miss this comic
Answer kaxes: no
I hate cake but I like choclate mud cake can you leave me alive
Mirror Kirby And kible abandon Kirby!!!!!!!!
Kirby...the teacher???
Welcome back BSX
No wonder teezley got sick...
Do you think they will bary the cake crumbs or eat it?
@BattleStarX: The boringest thing in the world save klooshy...
Amagin keeby use ultra ability on klooshy...
Save the cake and BSX is the cake a choclate mud cake
@BattleStarX: Kirby's secret is...oh crap! I forgot
He could just swallow it
Snack break!
Does keeby know something!?
What is them talking about