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Racist jokes ARE funny. Awesome reasoning.
Thanks for confusing me more.
Does this mean whitespace Neko is back for good?!
One more vote for the fear me t-shirt
I second the fear me t-shirt. I'll buy that one for sure!
If it makes you feel any better I think you are plenty sick
We all agree, we are just yanking his chain. Like Keno and Murphy do to each other (see what I did there)
Challenge Accepted (just kidding, I don't know how to draw)
How many couples you have watched?
As they say on this side of the ocean, I plea the fifth
Dammit Gar, I'm a doctor not a reddit specialist.
Actually I don't know what reddit is so I can't help you doing whatever it is you want us to do there.

Ok got an account. How do I experience this feeling you humans call upvote
You want good criticism: I am compulsive, I have to read every comment in every webcomic I read (and I read a lot of them). Your comment was way too long. Don't get me wrong, it was interesting but now I need those 5 minutes of my life back please.
the usual link ( is not working, had to take a long way to get here. Just in case you didn't know already.
(this is the message: This domain is no longer hosted by Smack Jeeves. Please renew your Premium Subscription to continue service.)
Yes but of course we won't have our camera's at that time so no one will believe you brought it back again
Hope the Avatar is ok with you!
You should be an Economist (or maybe not). This is the kind of phenomena we study (equilibrium of multi-agent models).
Ad blocker
I had nothing better to do and I started wondering. Does it make a difference to you (revenue-wise) whether the site is seen with ad-blocker or not?
You should check the kitty's eyesight. Cat's are not "clumsy" it is usually a sign that either they have an eye or ear problem. Oh and

Go Mighty Fuckweasels!
I vote twice a day (once from home, once from the office) pretty much everyday. Sorry it hasn't helped much.

Go Mighty Fuckweasels!
And where can one acquire such a green alternative for the doorbell?

Go Mighty FuckWeasels!
Y ahora a comer tortas ahogadas!