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@NtKGar: That perspective has always intrigued me too. I'm 19 and had a turtle-slow computer as a kid, a Nintindo 64 with one Mario Bros game, and no phone (until I was in late middle school.) I've spent what must be 80% of my life online with increasingly more powerful laptops, I've got a couple more video games, and I use my phone on a daily basis.

I've always wondered what it must have been like to be without these things growing up, since I've depended on them so heavily. On the other hand, I see my little cousins constantly playing with their phones and video games and it makes me think back to how I didn't have those luxuries as a kid either.
I am 5'0". Let me tell you about being short...
I'm imagining there is actually just a switch on the wall that opens the door and those trash bins were there for literally no reason....or maybe it was tasteful artwork
I did this a couple times at different corn mazes as a kid. The most common reaction was the guy would have this body language as if to say "what the heck kind of reaction is that?? Aren't you scared?" and others just walked dejectedly back into the corn. I think one or two of them verbally said I shouldn't be talking, I should be running :P
George? No, to soon in the comic and George has never whipped him like this so that last bit wouldn't make sense.

Khan?, he wouldn't say hello like that.

It's gotta be the masked guy.
How come coffee doesn't do this to me? I feel like drinking coffee in the mornings makes me MORE tired..
this is PERFECT
*how I felt going to see Inside out*
@DarkPalpitoad: There was so much amusement to be had in that giant nose. I missed it too
These fads never seem to appeal to me either
I'm very jealous, I wish I was such a morning person as you seem to portray him...
@H0lyhandgrenade: Clever reference?
Those glasses..on the last panel.. XD
Challenge the meowth trainer!! DO IT!
I can't even stand to eat those things. I've never known a food more sour than those suckers.
Flowers are beautiful....unless you have relentless allergies that prevent you from breathing. Then seeing them gives you horrible flashbacks of bad spring days gone by...
I just realized the Chinglings are named after stars (more specifically, the brightest stars in different constellations.) I wonder if that has any significance?
Artist problems: don't move, don't move!! Crap, do you think you can return back into that exact position again? No, that's a smidge different, it'll ruin everything!
YES! a meowth! I've been eagerly waiting for this to happen!
NO, where's my proper goodbye!? Where's the dying words? It burns because they didn't get a good heroic ending like all the other nuzlocke characters. No heroes here, and yet they were heroes even without the words D': Bravo!