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Daisy my sweet sweet Daisy we all need time off and away from thing we love and I've said inthe past and I'll say it in thefuture But ake the time you need to rest recharge and get thing in order I still love ya and will be waiting for your return
Hey Tanako been a while again i likehaving oney but i hate having to work nearly every day ,also i just caught up and i can't seriously believe you want e to have anything other then total and utter disdain for Rei, epsecialy not after this little temper tantum he threw
DAmn it why does he have to be such a peice of crapandno Tanako sorrry know you want me to feel somthing then pure hate for rei but i cant he's just to much of a peice of crap specially when he does things like this out of anger and spiteso I'm wait for the karmic hammmer of justice to swing back round and put him flat on his ass
God ye it's good to see Rei like this being physicaly verbaly and mentaly beat down by a woman now all mom needs to do is finish the deed and cut his junk off
NOthing against the female gender but dang Nori is already thinking like one
Whoa I alomost didnt recognize NOri
YOu dont need any assistants in looking like a total douche Rei y ou do that fine allone your own and blameing the girl for your own suckyness makes you even more worthless as a person
Yes hun I was refering to Haruhi
if you strike me down now I shall be come more powerful then you can imagine
oh no you didn't now you've gone and pissed him off Haruhi SMASH!!!
He's usingthe force with a well delivered heart punch the power of his love for Minako is making him stronger your bat is useless mortal
@Tanako: FOrgive me fair Daisy I was more then slightly drunk when I typed that up it was a long day at work but yes imentHAruhi not haruki

@Neko Hime yeah i like japanese valintines day over the american one cuz atleast you fin folkevenit out and make a holiday for the guys as well
@Tanako: i think we all want to see this fight cuz weknow Haruki is going to kick all their asses well hopfuly

@Neko Hime: you have lead and intersting life this far tho it also sounds like a fun and entertaining life too and how can you hate ground hogs day? I kid I know you mean Valentine's day if you have a GF and I'm assuming you mean Gf as in you go on dates and sleep in the same bed GF which is way righteous by the way Always nice to meet godd folk comforable with whom their are andun afraid to love whom they love , but anyways back on topic why do you Hate the holiday? Most gals love it when their partners lavish them with tokens of affection, then again I supose it get tiring to reject or accept those small tokens when you have somone special, tho I do like the fact you guys have white day
Haru has this one in the bag go kick some as Haruhi

@Neko Hime you hate snow and cold water down your shirt? but not onthe ground so would it not be the evil works of said person whom put snow down your shirt and whos to say Yuki does not love you and wants to be closer to you thus found her way into your shirt for some cuddle time with your bwebs hmmm ?
You know Daisy Rei looks rather ugly with his brw furled and totallyaggitated as he is but I'm loving his torrment HAHAHA

Good luck withthe jobhunt love Texas has one of the stronger job markets so hopfully it wont be to long you find a good one
totally a dick move not filling in Mina ko she awesome enough to know or at least in the following weel or two he better tell her then it really becomes a disk thing to do, but as my birthday Daisy my dear thankyouvery much And yes it has ben awhile beeen working alot and not much sleep so it statts to run together a bit but yes I love my RD's and as what i did for my birthday well since you or I were n't inthe vacinity of each other we couldn't hang out, but a gal i work with shares the day withme so we had a few after work i worked she didnt she had trhe night off but after words we inbibed liqiud refreshments of an adult nature was enjoy able could have been better butit was enjoyable
Wooo tis was posted the 11th my b-Day was the 12thit was excellant thank you Tanako I got two Rainbow dashes from my family and mother nature not only saught to gift me with snow but a snow bow as well it was beautifulman any who I"m totally stoaked that they are hooking up HA! in your face rei you fecking bunghole
Say yes you fool say yes!!! NAd tanako Yes i had to work newyears eve No I did make a resoluteion as i think if I fail to erdicate what eer i make the resolution about or idont do it then I 've failed my self I f i desire to chage somthign about my self i dont it no questions asked, as to wrking onmy birthday and getting it off ihave to workit as it is saturday the 12th and we all pretty much work on saturday so no dice
@Tanako: YOu better talk to me soon YOur my last shot at a happily ever after =p , but dont worry hun life happens I understand tha< get settled get your life back in order enjoy your winter break you earned one hun Thank you My gift deliveries went well on the 24th but I may seem I'll be working 12 days straight with new years eve falling on a monday but worst yet to my dis may I'll probly end up working on my birthdayon the 12th of januaruy
Congradulations are in order my dear Daisy so congradultions and I cant wait till you move in with me tho I would have liked proir information about this nah I'm just pulling your leg i know your now moving in with me drive safe merry christmas and happy new year if i dont see you before then