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the end?
I'm sorry that it's over, you made a great story!

And here I was thinking that Link was still alive because he still had the Triforce of courage, which we were told was keeping him alive in the first place.
one page?
why are you uploading only one page at a time? it's killing me!!!
a twist
and then there might be the fact that zelda doesn't know she's a princess. (crazy idea, right?)
i don't think that's zelda...
no offense, but Gannondorf looks like an angry grandpa.
XZ can be an idiot sometimes. -_-. by the way, what does XZ stand for?
@Kenny the fox: I'm sorry I brought it up
usually i have something to say... but i'm at a loss for words.
i hate to accuse you of this but the chapters are getting shorter and less captivating. are you running out of material or just getting lazy?
pokemon wear pants?
haha look at his eyes in the last panel!
@Light/Pokemon the hedgehog: i agree. that picture is CREEPING ME OUT!!!!!!
@Kenny the fox: i think the teeth turned white, got bigger, and then the pokemon just... bit the opponent
@GengarZilla: yeah, i found like, five every time i went in there