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Icarus Fey
I'm one of the many strange people out there.
I enjoy Art and hope to one day become a Story-Teller.
No, they used to hang students by there thumbs.
Icarus Fey
December 8th, 2016
@Vini: Dandelion seeds are wishes you blow into the wind. I think it makes this comic all the more whimsical, dream-wishes, they go almost hand in hand.
Though I can see what you mean (little bit of stretch)
Okay It could just be me but the Mature Warning Didn't pop up on my computer like it normally would.
I Don't want this to get flagged! So I hope you find this Message soon :)
P.s. Would have posted on recent page but... Family sitting RIGHT next to me -_- Ugg
Icarus Fey
August 29th, 2016
haha Mr.Princess got a leaf to the face, love it.
Bummer about your computer, when mine did that it was because of the graphics card or something. May good fortune come your way.
That face Ellis is making looks so adorable. I sqweed internally when I saw it.
Icarus Fey
November 6th, 2015
The attention to detail is astounding. Do you have most chapters planed out or the whole story? Do you come up with the backgrounds as you draw or perhaps have a draft sheet.
It's been so long and I do miss this story, I hope your enjoying life in its absence :)
Icarus Fey
July 10th, 2015
Empathy & Advise
I know the feeling, thanks for continuing. I love the plot so far and there are quite a few unanswered questions.
Also I found making a PlayList for my comics/characters keeps me inspired.
Your story line so far is very intriguing. The facial expressions and attention to detail are also much appreciated. Good Job.
If I had the money this is the first comic I'd sponsor. Wish to see more and I hope you and your friend are doing fine.
The One
Dear First Fan, Thanks for liking me :3 I shall try to make you proud. It's been a long time and I wouldn't be surprised if you forgot you even Favorited me. Hope ya stick in this with me to the end. Thanks again.
Pfft funny, though his face is too smooth for just being punched.
Icarus Fey
November 14th, 2014
Missing chapter notice: 35 skipped to 37.
@JillyFoo: That's okay :P I should have known better. Bummer though I guess I spoiled it for myself too without realizing. (Not too much of course because your comic is full of amazing surprises)
SORRY to anyone who saw my post before it was removed.
It looks like there are two Grey's in panel three. Is that on purpose?
Oh... It's the mirror. Okay.
Wow your art style has changed quite a bit. Looks fantastic.
That painting must have been hard to recreate, love the smoke rings instead of just streams/puffs.
"I do believe he knows more than he lets on because, he seems like the kind of man that wouldn't down talk himself without ulterior motives"
I love it! Castalia is making a Balthasar face from Kane's bag of expressions. (panel 2)
Why is it that when you're sleeping it's called drool, but when awake it's called spit?
A rhetorical question.
I wouldn't drown for the sake of sync swimming; instead I drown when I laugh in the deep-end of the pool :P
curiosity killed the cat.... Satisfactory brought him back.