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C.S.I. Halo
I like to surf ok thats it!!!!!!!!!!
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Sup people... I know im not around that much, but i want u 2 know..... IM AROUND, thats it seez ya.
Oh and 4 the people that dont know me im the one with the cowboyhat :D
ANd why am i not in the game?
I am but Its not only my decision
See Fazer that happens when u watch to much porn sites and download
I support Yugi...... dont worry ill talk to the authors
Come on you guys need more action!!!
Hey we need new authors anyone who wants to join send application oh and im deleting any inactive author so people get your hand working...... and send your aplications with a good reason thanks people bye
Anybody else has comments?
So who aproves what i said?
Or who aproves that they all stay?
Donno waiting for the older members to see what they say... (4 the new guys im Duhchaos brother)
Sup guys im finally back....... So i was looking around and i see we have 2 new authors and 1 that can be considered..... and i need to tell Duhchao that he took hes decision 2 fast so i got an idea.......We will have a 3way duel.......u have to make a comic till friday, your best comic and the members of the comic will decide the best one, that one stays and the second one place will be considered..... what do u think members?
Dude u deserve an applause.... bravo bravo.... your my idol
Here are my spites
C.S.I. Halo
September 29th, 2008
Sup people im back....*gives away poptarts*
C.S.I. Halo
September 16th, 2008
Sorry guys i gotta be back before season 2
Sup people.... Im back
AD: The third comic of CSI is out!
Ummmmm dunno maybe when you wana
NEW SPRITE!!!!!!!!
ITs all yours