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I'm still reading this!
For reference:
I used to be mad about Nintendo's paid online services, but then I found out how cheap it's going to be. Yes, it should be free, but I don't really care about paying $20 a year.
@Guest: That's what I was thinking too. Definitely betting on a miss.
It's on the NX thing too.
>Go left.

Might as well keep moving, right?
I hope this helps you find them. I've also kept some __ for myself __ let's work together, ok? :)
@BattleStarX: Agreed.

Zijol, step into the light.
Zijol, step into the light.
I'm not a fan of belts either, but I'd certainly invest in one in your position.
"travel for months to up and leave a week after"
Maybe have another look at that part...
It looks great, though, so good job figuring out how to do this!
Oh my, it's been an entire year?
Another vote for Light and Shadow.
Nooo, keep it.
We were promised one thousand comics. Until you have delivered, you will never be ale to escape us.