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@hipopotamo: I doubt they are in any serious danger.
@Wurzel: No resemblance what so ever.
@GroovyKinda: For Rai to come blasting by was the original intention. I came down on a different idea, though. If you look closely on the last panel, you'll see a silent shadow moving across the roof tops.
@Delta-v: I worry some times that I go too far with the inside jokes. But once I got this idea, I didn't want to let it go.
I'd take some time to apologize for the delay of this page. Alot is happening around the comic, and big changes are afoot. What those changes are, will become clear soon. Don't worry. It's all good. And... there is another reason for my tardiness, but let's not dwell on that. Let's instead look to the HORIZON.

This is important. The three distinguished gentlemen around the table on this page should in no legal way be confused for Charlie Wise, creator of Groovy, Kinda, Andy Purviance, creator of I, Mummy, and my brother, creator of many beatings throughout my childhood. You have no evidence that I in any way stole their likenesses for this page. Absolutely ZERO.

From this moment forward, the rest of the chapter though, belongs to Rai, and his fight to reach midnight. Will he ever again see DAWN?

Lastly, for those interested, the following is the english translation of the german text on this page:

-Have you read the latest by Ishikawa?

-It really captures the fear of the unreliability of memory in a post-industrial world.

-I've heard good things, dear friend.

-But unfortunately, I don't read anything written after 1830. I find it all both harsh and vulgar.

-You should come by my bookstore some time. Our 1830's section was just refurbished.

-My friends, a toast to high culture!


@Delta-v: Shields is ever the pragmatist, and he's planning for the future. He might be overestimating how willing Cat is to move on, though.
@jessie: Ayup.
@melaredblu: Now that you mention it... He does seem to suggest that Mbali might be his daughter, but he doesn't come out and say it. Curious.

At some point, alot more of Cat's recovery in the clinic was shown. I'm a huge fan of the Avatar shows, Legend of Aang/Korra, and I'll admit to changing the rhythm of Cat's story in the second chapter based on the 4th season of Korra, where she suffers a life changing injury, we get a few glimpses of her treatment, and the rest is her coming to terms with what has happened to her, physically and mentally.

It's like Shields said earlier. Cat will never be 100% again. She will always carry this with her. How far she can go will depend on many factors, not the least of which is recovering spiritually. Come chapter 3 we'll see the most serious damage might be done to her psyche.
@RedClause: The idea is to update around midnight monday morning my local time. Which would make it somewhere in the afternoon in US time zones. That's the idea, anyway. I have zero buffer, so I don't always hit it.

According to Shields and his rules, which is all we have to go on, if Rai can survive until midnight icelandic time (ZULU) he'll be safe for another year. The curse will still be on him, and the only two ways of getting rid of it entirely, is either kill the last other survivor, or go back to the cave where it all began, and remove their names from the wall.

Shields has hinted the he doesn't hold Rai in very high regard. What his plan is regarding Rai, should he survive, we'll just have to wait and see.
@melaredblu: Nah, she just wanted a head to bite off, didn't she? She can't seem to be able to avoid walking right into Shields' traps, can she?
@GroovyKinda: I like to keep it authentic, so I did extensive research. :)
@GroovyKinda: She did come prepared, didn't she. She seems to have every angle covered, whatever she wants with him.
@GroovyKinda: Well, I'm sure he's aware of the effect is can have on people, so if you'll notice, he's kept his arms covered since the reveal.
@hipopotamo: Rai's gabmling everything he has on being able to outrun it. We'll have to wait and see.
Seems Catherine is finally starting to catch up to what most of us have suspected for a while.
And if what Shields is saying is true, the rift between them has alot more facets than we originally might have believed.
Here's hoping they don't find themselves in the same room together any time soon. The result could be
quite explosive.

And Shields, always on for expediency isn't evne going to hang around to see what comes of Rai's long night before deciding what he does from here? That's cold.
@Honzinator: She is at a low point, so I would forgive her for being a bit prickly. She has a long way to go, if she's ever to be herself again.
@Delta-v: I'm glad you asked. If you go back to page 108, where Baltimore spoke about shooting him in the head, she refers to it as "the last time I saw him." Which would suggest that was the second time.

The details of the first time are more vague. You might get a bit of a glimpse on the next page.

And not to get ahead of myself, but the first time may or may not be the subject of the interlude between chapter 2 and 3. And it may or may not feature art by a very special guest artist.

Time will tell. :)
@NitztheBloody: We can only hope.
Of all the things to bond over, right?