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Just this guy, you know.

I say things on twitter as @whoisshieldsmck and I draw things and put them up at
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Well, there it is. I know alot of you refused to believe all the hints I've put in to suggest it, (can't imagine what I've done to make you so weary) but Shields is indeed Mbali's father.

Guess we know why Baltimore and Shields are so tense now, huh?
Get me a knife to cut all this tension, huh?
Hey, I know those three! Look at how young and innocent they look. Not scowling at eachother or anything. No, sir. Well, at least one of them isn't.
It was a bit tricky to age them down, but I think it turned out alright. They both have slightly slimmer faces, and less wear and tear. So let's see how this goes, shall we. I bit it'll be fine!
Welcome to Chapter 3. Like in the beginning of Chapter 2, we're going on a bit of a trip back in time before we rejoin Catherine and Rai, to find out where they are, after all that's happened.
If the layout seems different from my normal style, (ie better) it is because it was thumbnailed and laid out by friend of the comic, and mastermind behind Charisma Kills Studios, Jessie W. Craig. For a while, he was supposed to draw this whole sequence, but unfortunately, due to time constraints that feel through. So, you're stuck with me.

PS. In case you missed it, you should check out the Chapter 3 cover. It's really something special. You can find it by jumping back to the last page.
Well, folks. Here we are. The final stretch. We've gone through all the hope, heartbreak and terror of the first two chapters, and now we're on the final lap. By the time the very end rolls along, Cat and Rai's story will have been told, for better or for worse.
Don't worry about Oct20 disappearing any time soon though. It will probably still take years to finish, and I'm kind of scared it might be even longer than chapter 2.

The first page of chapter 3 will be up around monday. In the mean time, here's the last of the three gorgeous covers we commisioned. Eagle eyed readers will notice that it's not done by Arthur Wang who did the first two. Instead, this one was done by Kennedy C. Garza, whose other stuff you really should check out. It's extraordinary.
That, my dear friends, is the end of chapter 2. And boy o boy, it's been a long one. Much longer than I anticiapted when I started. And so much has happened. We've met Baltimore, we found Shields, we learned so much of the nature of the curse, and Catherine and Rai has... gone on a journey, shall we say.
Next week, we'll be rolling straight into the final chapter, and we will leave Rai in this state for now, because we're going to take a little stroll back in time.

So join me won't you, as we venture into October 20 Chapter 3: The Writing on the Wall.

Translation for the german text:

-Holy shit!
-What the hell!?

-Is... Is he dead?

-I think so.

-No, he's breathing!
Well. Damn. I actually found myself cringing making that last panel. Ladies and gents, this... rather gruesome page is the penultimate one in chapter 2. The chapter will be concluded on monday.
Translation for the german dialogue:


-I think my controller is broken.
-Yeah, sure. Thomas, is your controller broken too?


-Seriously, I should have won that one!


-I admit it, I sabotaged it before you showed up.
July 8th, 2018
Wow. Rai's not content with a regular old cliffhanger, huh? No, he has to hurl himself off the cliff. Show-off.
For now, I think we can all agree with Rai's sentiment.
Hey, remember when the monster was faceless and stoic? I miss those days.
What? I didn't think Rai had that in him. Guess he slew the monster, huh?
August 15th, 2017
You know, somehow googling "car getting shorn by some kind of crude arm blade" yielded few results in my reference search.
Well. He's not dead yet... But those cuts don't look great, do they? And his assailant is waking up to a pretty horrific sight. No-one caught up in this will come out of this night unscathed, are they?
Another little milestone today. 250 pages in the bag. And what a page for poor Rai. I guess a quarter of a thousand pages ain't a bad run, right?
Yup, I think it's safe to say Rai is not entirely aware of what he's up against, even after all these years. Or else he wouldn't be strolling carelessly though the streets of Aachen. How long has it been since Shields told him to "always keep moving?" An hour? Not even? And just what the hell is happening to that young lady who a second ago was just minding her job? What's going on here?
@hipopotamo: I doubt they are in any serious danger.
@Wurzel: No resemblance what so ever.
@GroovyKinda: For Rai to come blasting by was the original intention. I came down on a different idea, though. If you look closely on the last panel, you'll see a silent shadow moving across the roof tops.
@Delta-v: I worry some times that I go too far with the inside jokes. But once I got this idea, I didn't want to let it go.