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Poor kid is half awake and doesn't even know what he's about to walk out to.
I wasn't expecting this to make me cry
These feels hit me right in the gut ;0;
"I'll draw so many dicks"
OH Camille is already 100% my favorite
BRB dying
February 1st, 2017
<3 I adore this comic. It's always exciting to see updates, and you always do such beautiful work <3
August 13th, 2016
Dang, this boy's packing some heat. At least whoever messes with Donovan will be riddled with holes, I hope.

June 4th, 2016
;0; DONOVAN!! I hope he's okay oh god
March 6th, 2016
This comic is one of my favorites and the first I check for updates. *u*
Also I really hope Ulrik isn't thinking it's Loki ;0; I mean, besides having murdered people in the past, he's harmless. Right? Anyone who likes cats is pretty much harmless.
They made a dish in the king's image
I will go down with this ship
This is my second time reading through and honestly his mannerism in that third panel is still cute.
D: this is going to end badly
I appreciate that she's offended when he agrees with her.
My heart is breaking... D:
She is skilled in the magic of digging herself deeper and deeper into a hole. Oh my lord girl.
June 13th, 2014
His douchebaggery just came in so unexpectedly. DANG IT, BABIES, GET THE HELL OUT OF THERE.
OH MY GOD :0 :0 :0
Oh, I'm glad to see an update! It's always a joy no matter the wait. Also, I just have to say your spotted blacks look so great *0* Very lovely
I hope Itztli learns to respect himself and stop going out with that bad-boy death god. >:( he's just trouble, that one.

But to be serious, I love these characters and I'm glad you're not glamorizing unhealthy relationships.

Glad that was discussed.
May 10th, 2014
Yaaayyy Ulrik didn't die :D
And Loke gets to climb things.

I hope he and the cat become friends.
Oh, thank goodness. I'm glad Ulrik didn't die.