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Hey everyone, I'm Deltaman. I like to make sprite comics, they're one of my most favorite things to do. I usually make them for the fun of it or when I'm bored. When it comes down to sprite comics I am almost always serious. Once I've started a comic I will NEVER abandon or discontinue it. I will stay with it until it is finished. I update comics when I feel like it.
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some fancy effects i made on this page; i like them
@witswithme: thanks man. the days i have school are reeeally time consuming lol but ill try not to go longer than 2 weeks without updating.
here's a page. haven't been able to update for shit these past couple b/c like i said... i'm in school now. i get home late often or just need to work on my homework, or sometimes i just dont have the drive to make a whole page after coming home tired from school.

i'll still try my best to get some pages out.
damn this page took a while to make.
you're doing pretty good man. i didnt notice anything cringey about your writing, unlike the guy above. i'd say your doing pretty good. keep it up man ill definitely be keeping up with this comic
@BestBuilder101: nah this isn't the first page. this comic will make sense to you if you have not played the games. its a completely different universe than the game.
the graceful assassin is finally defeated! sora beats marluxia

Kingdom Hearts: Twilight Destinies; a Kingdom Hearts sprite comic.
if you ask me, making a good comic isn't all about flashiness and having pretty effects. you can have a pretty comic with a terribly written story, and it'll still be a shit comic, even if it only looks good. besides, you're comic looks decent enough. you'll get better along the line lol.
sprite comics might be dead, but there are those with a passion for it that'll never stop making them
this comic has an interesting start man. ill definitely be coming back to read this. you only have three pages so far but i'd like to see where this goes man lol good luck.
nice i like the effects. seems like a pretty promising comic bro ill be seeing where this goes.
and now, things will start to get heated up!
credit to all sprite makers i didnt make anything.
i've been slow on updating because i had to move a building over in my neighborhood, and the move took two goddamned days, but even before that i haven't had internet for a while. i just got my internet back yesterday lol so now its back to uploading pages.
just had to put in sora's classic line
@witswithme: bruh i've been making the same comic since 2012. for five years with hella pauses inbetween and im just now wrapping it up.

who cares if you gotta slow down on progress. as long the comic keeps going and you see it thru til the end, thats all that matters!