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Hey everyone, I'm Deltaman. I like to make sprite comics, they're one of my most favorite things to do. I usually make them for the fun of it or when I'm bored. When it comes down to sprite comics I am almost always serious. Once I've started a comic I will NEVER abandon or discontinue it. I will stay with it until it is finished. I update comics when I feel like it.
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thank you all for reading!
and finally after almost six or seven years of running this comic... it is completed!

here is the end of kh:td! i hope you all enjoyed!
and so the story wraps up! a couple more pages to go!
definitely one of my favorite pages.
this is definitely my best, FX heavy page i've ever made. im pretty damn proud of myself. anyhow, there it is! riku's ultimate dark wave
tried a new style of paneling this time and i like the way it came out
@JayTheMonk: yeah sprite comics are dying out... at a rapid pace now.. not too many well done sprite comics that are alive at this point.
@JayTheMonk: thanks man appreciate it.
@JayTheMonk: i've been using photoshop since i was like 10, so a lot of practice, trial/error, downloaded brushes, sprite FX, and tutorials. a mix of everything basically
@JayTheMonk: appreciate it man its a mix of just photoshop brushes and my own skill
@JayTheMonk: fair point. at this point i dont have the same drive to do this comic anymore so im just gonna admit im just rushing to end it now. i know im capable of doing much more but i dont have the drive nor the feeling to put in enough effort because this comic has just been going on for too long, feels like a chore and it needs to be finished at this point.
@JayTheMonk: lmfaaaooo this comic's been out for a whole year haha thats crazy. i like this never giving up attitude you have. despite how long its been out youre still persisting to bring it back, just like me and my comic haha. i like that attitude man. im definitely reading this dude, i'd like to see where you take this. if i ever get around to making a sprite sheet ill see if i can contribute to the story lol.
nice comic bro. not seeing too many ACTIVE sprite comics around in this day and age. keep cranking out the pages man im enjoying this youre doing a good job. try to experiment with different panel sizes though; just a suggestion.
the final battle begins. happy new year 2018 to you all!
@witswithme: to be completely honest, i just needed some sprites to use for an organization spy, and this isnt my character so i didnt change the name lmao..
some fancy effects i made on this page; i like them