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Hello SmackJeeves... I'm back.
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Sorry for not updating guys. Been getting other stuff done and will be going camping soon. Life... how does it work?
Break over
Sorry for the long wait there folks. Other things fell on my plate and staled me for a bit. Whelp, back to the zombies.
First ever fan art
Go check out the Pixel Zombie Apocalypse Hero tab for this comics first ever fan art! It's amazing art made by Punnyboned.
Oh I see what you mean. I didn't even think of that. Just kinda put both ears out of habit.
First go at Gifs. Never actually animated more than this... Well, I DID animate a FE sprite once but that was my first. These are like my.... second or third? Idk if there was any else besides these.
The transitions look so nice. I like it. I think my favorite part is that you took the time to actually make the legs of Alice actually get covered by the grass. Question, did you make the Cheshire Cats face yourself?
Just messing about with the character a bit more. Tried to get a softer face really. No one really commented on much else so... ye. I even did 2 poses for you all to see. yay.
Oh, how about someone tell me what outfit to put this sucker in! I normally can't think of good outfits anyways.
To me it looks like something Undertale might actually have as an encounter sprite. The only thing I kinda didn't like is the Helmet being so close to the cape.
well I think its a pure side view since its what I originally worked with. Kinda just used Sonic's head as a base since its been so long and didn't feel like custom making the whole thing.
Ah, I can see it now. I should make it more smooth later on but I don't wanna just flood this place with random posts. ^ ^
I'm getting back in the groove of spriting. Yay.
Red is Mary's old man and Hanks boss. Rocket Reds was the gas station owned by Red.
Hey, figured Joe Hero should get in on the action. Also added a reload this time.
Maaaaaaybe. That's a bit of work for a whole page but I may do it in the future... or just animate an old one just to practice but hey, thanks for liking this.
Well maybe that will be something I can convince my programing friends to help out with. lol. Thanks for the feed back.
Figured I'd try some testing animation. It's a recent character from that CYOA I'm doing with a shotgun. Fire then pump action shell eject. I think I should have brightened the shotgun during the fire as well but.... eh. Didn't think it was needed at the time.
I figured the convincing lie would also be pulling out the unloaded gun. I couldn't come up with a lie Joe of all people could make.
@Ian Evans : Hey, if I can make you happy then I call this comic a win.
I actually don't know how to make second pages BUT I will try to do it now. I'll figure it out.

UPDATE: I figured it out! Just tried a few things until it worked. Not much of a page layout guy but eh, I did a thing.
You'll find the Inventory Screen button with the rest of the links up top now.

Double Update: As thanks for all those who post more often than most, I made a Hero's page. There is a small gif of all the current avatars in Joe Hero form.
Welp, found this old file. Added a new move to it. And even made a shiny recolor. Yay.