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Yes it did take a while...I don't think I'll be able to do much anymore. I actually forgot how to sprite, and I got way into DeviantArt. I love this community and this comic, but I sorta grew out of it. I don't want it to die though, maybe someone could take over?
I haven't been here in a while, how have you//bricked

OKAY I HAVEN'T BEEN ON FOR YEARS!!! I kinda got into Hetalia and anime...and doctor who....and lots of other stuffs.

BUT, I have improved in art!//shot
@StormTheHedgehog: Good job~
I dropped my story cause I forgot it//shot
Also I'm gonna update in about an hour!
Sorry I've been in anime fandoms and photoshop as of late....
I haven't done spriting i so long.
I'll try though, it should be easier since it's summer now!
@abro: Sorry guys i lost all intrest in spriting*sniff* now i feel bad....
lolol i feel like a deserter now....
also could someone send me the backgrounds for the comic?
*sniff*i wanna fez
@mdg245: did you announce the winners?
@Hydra: Also,i just wanted to know if my shading and effect have gotten better,this is just practice for shading
@Hydra: Yea but i need a tablet for that planning on buying one since my scanners not working.
Yea,so i just wante dto post this here for Critique hows it look original line art here:
You are correct and I am actually working on custom quills and powers.
But i wont beacuse i wouldnt be able to use it anymore.
New:I changed drizzles eye color to violet because its easier to look at.So if you want to use the other sprites plz change the eye color.
Plus:Am i getting any better?;)

Edit:i know that last attack is REALLY bad
Who knew time off made you better.