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Oh my god. . . . I actually have a comic started now. O.O

Not the one I've been preparing though, M&M just popped out of no where.

LIKES: BL, Comedy, Adventure, Action, Fiction, Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Platonic Relationships (M/F, M/M, F/F), Coming of Age

DISLIKES: Yuri, Gore, Horror, Western (as the main focus), Hetero Pairings (as the main focus)
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    Riley Lan
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attempted explanation
@Sk8er Boi: i remember the creator talking about redoing the whole thing. not sure if they changed the whole plot or not, but i suppose they wanted to restart the "first chapter". i'm not sure why they left the old version up, it can certainly confuse newcomers & regulars just coming back. but i believe the new pages are a fresh start.
What do you need a co-author for? The art looks great, and for just 3 pages of main story the plot looks okay. Unless you're looking for help to lighten the load?
@crosschyld: . . .Oh, then I don't get why Lucky is freaking out. Unless I'm really missing something. =.=;
Just a bit confused
So what time period is this suppose to be set in? Our current time? If so'50-'70's kinda is a big deal. o.0;
O.O "Procreate" . . . . Two male characters. . . . Oh boy, you're gonna' have fun explaining how that's gonna' work.
To the people who believed there were 2 Kuros close to the beginning of the comic: *bows down* mOm <-- This right? Not sure. =_=;