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She thinks buying him film makes up for not being there for him? Nice.
He's not twisting any words. -_- really, Lauren. You'e so wrong!
Those last 2 panels are incredible... :)
LOL! That joke, Mr. Twist... XD
Oh, please Lauren... -_-
Love Michelle's reactions to people... XD She doesn't even care who it is, she can tell when they're a real jerk.
@Soozbot: Me too, it's my second favorite :)

Haha! I knew it because I watch too much anime... XD
@Gibson Twist: Oh, sorry about that! Thanks Mr. Twist, this is what I meant to show you guys:
@Phil C.: I always thought it was a shiny part, similar to what is done in anime: &tbnid=EG0gBMCS3VUsrM:&imgrefurl= &docid=KY8gMun1nLJ9-M&imgurl= 896b0848.jpg&w=400&h=280&ei=dlElUJ6rLMe62gXp9IDICQ&zoom=1&iact= hc&vpx=289&vpy=155&dur=82&hovh=188&hovw=268&tx=174&ty=1 07&sig=113647603004416627281&page=1&tbnh=132&tbnw=188&start=0&a mp;ndsp=16&ved=1t:429,r:1,s:0,i:79

I didn't make this photo, by the way...
I think Michelle does like Kara somewhat, but it's also apparent that she has a thing for Peter. I see Michelle's point about Kara just wanting people in bed, but I also think Kara sincerely wants more than that from Michelle.... Michelle should have listened more instead of freaking out, but I guess she couldn't help it.
That Kara, nobody ever knows what she's up to!
Love how Kara is dropping hints one after another like bombs, but Michelle gets none of it. XD
Ooh... Is Kara hunting Michelle down?
You're too nice, Sam.
And I thought Michelle liked Peter! Michelle and Kara= awesomeness
Lauren, you're blind even with those glasses on...
Honestly, Lauren...
I hope something didn't happen to Wiley or Vivian... or both of them.... ._.