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I need to stick a picture of myself under my desk like NOW.
Metis looks very nice in all black. ;3

I love this comic.
Oh, these boys are in such denial. ("Not a jock..." "Not an emo...")

Points go to Josh for not physically retaliating back. And I can understand why Metis is upset. *pets*

I love this comic. :3
Poor Josh, I can taste his confusion. (Though I totally don't blame Metis for being this dramatic at all. Seriously, if you get punched in the face you'd expect the guy who did it to recognize you later... Unless said man was inebriated at the time.)

I'm so excited for the next installment! :D
I love Metis' angry-face!!

Can't wait to see what happens next. And yeah, I'd totally be killed if I did that to my or someone else's car. Death to car... Or at least it smells really bad for a while.