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I'm a 28 year old from Las Vegas, Nevada. I can beat your little brother at Pokemon and I have a feeling i'm the lost 4th Winchester brother... I just can't prove it.
You should totally read my Webcomic though...You'll love it, I promise.
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    Mike Steele
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@CrimsonStar: I had considered this initially, but I feel like my artist really added to a lot of what made the comic what it was. She wasn't just drawing words I gave her, she did a great job of fleshing out my ideas with the way she did things, conveying emotions with the way she did faces and blocking panels to help direction and timing, to the point where some of my humor was based soley on me knowing she'd draw everything exactly how I saw it in my head. Id love to come back and finish this, but I'd have to feel the same way with another artist.
Wow... did I just write the most BORING response in the history of smack jeeves? Someone throw me a parade!
@AshFisher: I actually came up with the idea and did the writing but it was a comic I did together with an artist. She was super awesome but time related stuff forced us to end. haha I don't think anyone wants to see something that I'm drawing... oh man, I just scared myself even thinking about that.
@Diseasedface: Unfortunately I had to end abruptly so this was the last page, but its still nice to see people find it and enjoy it. Thanks a bunch! ^__^
We couldn't help making the most ridiculous thing ever for Valentines
@cchan15: Thank you very much! Always nice to hear that about our work!
@MirrorVision: Hahaha sometimes I forget about it too. it'll be our little secret.
@PKComics: If you look at the pants and the skin tone, they're similar but def different. I think the leg you're being confused by is pants. He has pants and high boots.
@Mint612: Maybe thats exactly what he WANTED you to think.... DUN DUN DUN
Great art! super impressed!!
Something a little different this week for the Holiday season.
@melaredblu: Yes, she is!
@JoKeRcologne: YOU CANT TELL ME WHAT TO DO...... >__> I'm a man, I do what I want
@JoKeRcologne: haha yuuuup, this is the first page I started uploading them at a higher resolution
@GabrielsThoughts: Haha if i made a TMNT reference it was purely by accident. I'm not against it, but whatever it was, it wasnt intentional.
@Tophatt: If you ever find yourself in Battle Creek, tell them to check out my comic. And then explain to them what comics are and introduce them to the internet
@GabrielsThoughts: Not to get too "inside" on the creative process, but when it comes to the way we've designed robots, some are very obviously robots (the robot that transported them the first time) Others are a little more humanoid (the one that derek saved in the alley). I'm trying to show that there are a wide variety when it comes to robots, sorta like cars on the road. Some new, some old, but that also helps keep what they're capable a little vague, allowing for a bit more creativity when writing.
@GabrielsThoughts: He is indeed a robot!
@JammyScribbler: Slap bass is a LITTLE different when you break your bass if you slap it
@Cheeco: Naw I'm not familiar with Gorillaz, BUT I appreciate you checkin my stuff out. YOU RULE!
@MannyKat8x: Aw snap! Hah thanks a lot, Much appreciated! I'm super glad you're diggin' it!