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+Studio Hachi+

We are a three girl team that have joined forces to produce various original comics and doujins.

-Illustrator, Inker
-Public Relations, Computer Editing, Black spotter, Panelist, and whatever else
-Writer, Toner
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    Michi, Chii, Mouse
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Hey guys! <3
Thank you for your quick responses! :'D I just created a new account on smack under the name "tofu-pimp". You can find the comic at:

Thanks guys for your continued following..and I look forward to seeing you @ BOYTALK: Revamp! :D

December 30th, 2008
Oh my gosh guys.
I can't believe you guys are, or were still keeping up with this. That's amazing.<3 Thank you guys so much! T0T

Oh, I'm ahead of myself. I was originally ~michi~ of Hachi, but now that so much time has passed, hachi has dissolved and moved on. But now, I'm planning to pick up BOYTALK again on a new account. I'll post another page notifying you guys of the account change soon! You can also keep up with news on my dA account at

I hope everyone is having a great new year's! <3
Miruku- Thanks for the kind comments. ^^ Yeah, the first chapter is nearing a year old now, so styles have changed. And I know what you mean about cliche. The chapter one story was written with the intention of a *very* simple plot to fit page limits. Hopefully the devloping story will be more unique. ^^
We're BACK!! Sort of...
Hey guys!
Long time no see, eh?
After many trials and tribulations, we finally arrived at this page! My goodness it took forever!
Thanks to all of you peeps who have shown interest and left so many sweet comments!
We love you and your support!
Bigger Page
Aquilo- there's a bigger page now ;)
First one was a mistake...
We Didn't Quit
Yaoilovertrash- Hey, we still entered the contest, we just entered a different comic for it (a better one in fact). We'll find out our results on the contest on April 1st. :)
Software Program
TimeWarper- All the lines were done by hand using pencils & microns (including the panels & speech balloons). The tones were added on with ComicWorks. Although a better software alternative would probably MangaStudio which was just realised State-side.
Thank You!
We wanted to thank you all for the positive responses to the pages!! Thank you SO MUCH!!

From here on out, the pages will be fresh art! WHOO!! Why?
The previous 17 pages of BoyTalk were originally entries for the Rising Stars of Manga contest from the beginning of 2005(which Hachi, in the end, decided not to send in).
So now, we are starting up the stories again in order to fulfill what may seem like a very abrupt ending. We hope that you stay with us in the slowly upcoming chapters of BoyTalk! We will attempt to post a page a week! ^^
So here is our start-off page: Paul, Zeke, and Adam sporing new fashions and looking hawt. XD
Much Love!
~michi~ of Hachi
November 28th, 2005
Wow, this looks fantastic~!!
I'm gonna watch for more, certainly...
November 27th, 2005
I'll certainly be watching for more~!!
I wanna see where it goes...

November 26th, 2005
I just read through to this page... I'm so looking forward to more~!!
This looks great!
Are you doing those tones by hand? As in, not on the computer? They're awesome~!!
November 26th, 2005
Small Pages
Hello, and sorry for the small pages. This is due to technical difficulty with the resizing of tones. Hopefully the next pages will be bigger.

The first small panel reads thus:
Paul: (thinking) "This sucks!"
Adam: (saying) "So?"

Second panel:
Paul: (saying) "Uh, It's great!"
The little arrow pointing to him reads: "Bad liar"

Very sorry about this!