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November 16th, 2016
@ShadowCluster: WOW harsh
This is a realy nice looking comic you have. Looks full of potential and I read alot of pmd comics. The quiet feel of the first few comics creates a great atmosphere. I'm realy interested in seeing where this goes.
The tree is changing.
What happend to qusadiea
Am i the only one who saw the old typhosion and immediately thought he taked like uncle Iroh from avatar?
It's twokinds in the future I like it good work.
Also the punch line is the fact he is now in the dream as well.
Thats great for her if you don't mide a creepy leafy watcher.
This must be where socks go when they disappear in the wash.
This feals realy intense and bothers me but im not sure why.
It took me a few tries to get the joke
I cant tell if she is being sarcastic or not.
Also WOO! Best couple ever
I love how warn and tired our houndoom looks like things have warn on him
I can tell this will be amazing
That HAIR!
The porn arc is always my favorite
O the cliff hanger! Does this still get updated?
F$&@ing Tomas