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this is a shared account between three people, kaesha who originally made the account and just uses it to keep track of updates on her favorite webcomics, myself i go by the pen-name Dariel and i am the writer of the webcomic "lover of the sun and moon" (and im kaesha's boyfriend), and the final person using this account is the amazing artist yeucherie who is kind enough to illustrate the webcomic "lover of the sun and moon" for me! (Dariel)

so it could be confusing as to who you're talking to if you try to message this account! LOL

so lover of the sun and moon is written by Dariel and illustrated by Yeucherie.

and orphir and eros is being co-authored by kaesha.

OH and kaesha may be using this to make a photographed-webcomic about her dolls later on, she doesnt know yet?
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so excited to see you again and DAYUM that kiss angle!!!
meeee tooooo!
ooooooh almost there!
what are the countdown?
all the poor broken baby bois...
Asoro's face in the fourth panel... HOW DID YOU FIND A WAY TO MAKE HIM CUTER?!?!? like how is such a thing even possible???
someone has officially made himself nice and cozy!

this page should be named 'cuddly cuties!'
@lazy-lil-king: I sent you money, and all I want is for you to draw whatever you want of witch and/or faire and mail me a copy for my print collection album cus I miss all the pretties you send me!
I haven't seen kill bill and thus do not understand the reference?

also please tell me people are looking for lulu and not just waiting for him to either wander back or for saka to wake and hopefully know where he is?
emo kimmi and colorful kylee is best april fools ever!
the nickname beautiful is precious... also that pout!
can we all just take a moment to appreciate asoro's smile and just being able to view it is enough to make you, the reader, smile by proxy! I swear his smile is more contagious than most real life people I know!
I was actually thinking about this comic the other day and wondering what happened to it?
LOL this rec I already know and love!
That spittle string is so perfect and has blown my mind because yaaaaaaaaaaas!!!
I want to cosplay miss salty jimmie...
I love these little monsters!
I wanna know how Hiro maintains that buff bod when he passes out so much and most of his arts involve sitting still?
Hiro really seems the perfect counter to izzy, but that only makes me wonder if we are going to be having some manner of future upheaval revolving around him in store?