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this is a shared account between three people, kaesha who originally made the account and just uses it to keep track of updates on her favorite webcomics, myself i go by the pen-name Dariel and i am the writer of the webcomic "lover of the sun and moon" (and im kaesha's boyfriend), and the final person using this account is the amazing artist yeucherie who is kind enough to illustrate the webcomic "lover of the sun and moon" for me! (Dariel)

so it could be confusing as to who you're talking to if you try to message this account! LOL

so lover of the sun and moon is written by Dariel and illustrated by Yeucherie.

and orphir and eros is being co-authored by kaesha.

OH and kaesha may be using this to make a photographed-webcomic about her dolls later on, she doesnt know yet?
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LOL such a sweet talker!
ok I tend to 'favorite' comics that sound interesting and that I think I might like to read someday...
no future has been in this queue for a while now (a year I think?) but I've never forgotten about it, so when I found myself with some free time and a desire to read this week I finally clicked on it...

oh... my... GOD! (no pun intended)



at many points my fiancé has given me grief for giggling out loud like a weirdo while reading and at several points I've found myself cooing in delight.

all-in-all this story is so amazing and I'm so in-love with so many characters and cannot get enough of how for every little thing that gets revealed or explained at least three new questions and mysteries pop up to take its place!

the characters are wonderful and easily empathized with and the plot is beyond enthralling and your character designs are unique and appealing!

this was a horrible cliffhanger for me and I assure you I will now be stalking this comic page by page until it finally finds completion!

it agonizes me as someone who also suffers arthritis in my hands to know how you must suffer to create this masterpiece and yet I am in awe of your determination and ability!

I don't see a conclusion in the near future but I'm so excited to see what becomes of this story and want you to know that I find yu completely amazing and wonderful for making it and sharing it with all of us!
the faaaaaaace! "I don't do that with women" LOL that face needs to be a meme just so I have an excuse to post it everywhere so I can see it all the time XP
*is from hell but doesn't outright curse* LOL
this comic is officially no longer good for my heart... (AND I LOVE IT!)
I don't get brain freezes either but instead i'll get this horrific chest freeze where it feels like the cold thing i've consumed is stuck right in the middle of my chest and my lungs are freaking out and oh god it hurts.
I need to make a 'mr fabulous' plush to go with the 'levkasexual' one now LOL!
who was the wise woman?
awww this preciousness got me pumped to hurry and finish what I'm sewing so I can start working on my fanfic!
ok I know I only get one raffle number but I'm having waaaay too much fun coming up with different ideas to submit, I apologize and if it reaches the point that its basically spam let me know and I'll stop!
entry by 'kevin alan' is actually me, me and my fiancé share an email and its under his name, my name is kaesha though BTW.
I'm torn between a few ideas... think I'm gonna have fun with this!
phew no sudden an difficult to cope with overactive libido LOL!
that's an aphrodisiac isn't it?
i feel like the actress is somehow related to darcy!
just discovered this... does she make it? does she ever hook up with bastian? does gabby take them both on as super mom? what does the raging monster outside the panic room do? what is the government going to do with all the crazy aztec magic wannabe gods? the kickstarter is over and this is so painfully horrible and i hope you continue someday!!!
yrkki has the same birthday as my fiance LOL

i have dedicated literal years of my life to loving luci and kari... THE END CANNOT BE SO NIGH!!!
i am the psychic!