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Murasaki-Kun is an otter and personification within the stories for the two man team in charge of Blackwood and other up and coming manga tittles. He has many plans in store for the cast of Blackwood and is looking forward to sharing his future endeavors and grand schemes.
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Dude. Assock. That. My feels.

Assock repeats. So RGB's really telling himself it's not hisfault. ;=; My feels.

Well, that escalated quickly.

Talk about whiplash. I'm going to have to go and see my psychiatrist now.
Intelligent conversation for the win~!
We had snail mail, then we get the phone. Now we have email and texts, but soon both will be replaced with Assok message delivery. It may be garbled, but it will always be adorable.
Okay, Assok, That might have just been the cutest response - in the history of responses.

How do I know that?

'Cause your cuteness caused RGB to drop his cane - and since he still has yet to lose it. . .
@zacksims123: Thanks ! I'll be uploading the rest of the story as shortly, right after I get the HTML configured
We're trying something new. We're starting up a short story podcast called Blackwood Backstage. Each month we'll be releasing a podcast with a backstory tie in to the current chapter. It will be released every second Saturday (about two weeks after the chapter release). We'll be selling the story in the podcast on Etsy(PDF) and Kindle sometime before that if you're antsy to read it and would like to support us and our future endeavors. (We are just a couple of college students after all. ^w^b)



Happy New Year!
Whoo, it's 2014! New chapter on the 15th~ ^^
John looks so dejected. . .
Uploads are being moved to monthly chapters! New chapter every 1st of the month~
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Includes the font ~ : D

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@Jeda: XD Thanks~ I think 'tis partly a matter of time~ @w@ This page took FOREVER~

Brad: ;w; Ski~ You come to save me?
@KittyMariePrince: Yup! Creator's Armour is on there too! <3 Nicely spotted~ Sadly I couldn't make them all in bold~ =w=
So many cameos, cool! Keep up the good work~ It's a pleasure to read every week~
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You can't properly read them in the normal size, so here's a close up of Lloyd's shelf:
Nearly couldn't upload due to a power outage, but all is well~ A few hidden things on this page too~ >: D
@Guest: Sure! If you want to send me a message here on SJ, I can give you my email~ (