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Nothing good, probably. D<
I can never look at this page and NOT see the bunny eared Kuragi sketch. Thank you, mind, for ruining the killing image.
I'm almost done my e-mail so either Sat. or Tues. would be fine. |D
Nine, seriously? XD Yey, another 'bark a laugh, scare the cat' page.
Is just a guess, but is Megumi the person responsible for the pregnancy scandal? *Just reread through ORD*
Well Xatu always was secretive, but this. This is something else. Cryptic~!
I personally thought calling Aki a wife hilarious. Soon as I read it previous page I scared my cat with my sudden bark of a laugh. XD At least Daddy dearest was finally understanding, though, and let Kaidou have the job.
Neko Approves~ >w<d I love the font you used..
At least he's letting go of the fact that she won't accept him. Honestly, going against that woman would be like trying to go against a brick wall with your fists. All you'd get in the end is bloody knuckles and cracks for insects. Not really worth it and makes you paranoid, unless you find the time to A) rent a wrecking ball (which Aki can't, bein' who he is and all) or B) slowly patch the cracks you already made so you can rest easy knowing you did your best.
In a way, I believe she IS accepting.
... at least in the fact that Aki won't just leave her son alone because she says 'go away' oh-so-subtly.
@Crimson Chains: Is not an unreasonable way to think. ;w; He put some of his cards on the table (how he loves Aki and why he stays with him), it's up to her now to follow his suggestion to actually get to know the boy her son has claimed as his. Now me, I think she's not quite out of reasons to NOT like Aki, but should take into account what Kaidou said about his own feelings on the matter. It is his decision on who he wants in his life, and while he may desire her approval in some form... she's just not giving it. Not yet. Probably not until Aki shows some backbone and actually bites back for all the comments she's made and most likely will still make. |3

No problem~ <3 I loves it, and I doubt I'll stop anytime soon~
*Burrows back into her hidey-hole*
After that she damn well better.
Though I can see where she's coming from (trying the only way she knows to look out for her sons), she definitely went about it the wrong way, methinks.

But I think that's just me. Don't mind me... I'mma just go back to lurking.
Word Correction
The 'possibly' should be 'possible.'
Excellent work, otherwise~ <3
My vote
... is it's some sort of dragon. =w=
Spelling/Grammar error?
"Again? We haven't even *disused* about it before!!" Disused is the wrong word, I think. It would make more sense with "discussed".
"Again? We haven't even *discussed* about it before!!"