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I actually first saw TG on your DeviantArt page. I watched it there, liked it, and accidentally stumbled upon it here, so I watched you here! I love all the changes you've made, your style is awesome, and the new characters are awesome. <3 Keep it up.
....I like him already. XD
I'm looking forward to more stories from you! <3
The eeeeeyes. <3
Do you have an art page somewhere? If you do, I want it. I want it bad.

I love your faces. They're sexy as hell.

I love it.

I want to see them having kisses. D: < *growl*
Bow-Chicka-Wow-wow~ ohyes. ;D

*plays with Desta's hair* -w-
I love the clovers in the background. It's clever. XD
Embarrassed David is probably the cutest thing on the face of the planet.
Oh jeebus.

So cute. X3
David's sheepishness is horribly adorable. XD
I love Clover's "I hate this game." Things. Makes me giggle every time.
Tell them. Bust that rapists ass. D: <

....or let him actually finish raping you. That'd be okay too. >_>

I'm such a hooker. Desta's unhappy faces are too cute.

That face that David made in the last page, where he was all like "oooh he has the tightest butt >3 " was epic. Yes, it was. And Desta looks friggin adorable in this page. And David is such a cute little scamp, I wanna squish him. XD ;;
I would draw with you! D:
Oh jeebus, man. you were pissed about him liking desta, so you steal desta instead? Coooold, man.

You're bigger now Desta, kick his butt like you wished you could kick your daddy's. D:

In other news, I like the movement you can see in him getting slammed onto the ground. :D Ees nice.
...I love Desta's face in the middle panel. >_> I want to touch his blushing cheeks.
Eternal gift, please!

I would love to see all of them've got fantastic ideas.
aw. The 'iloveyou' part is very cute.

I love how you draw bo's ears, by the way. Cant wait to hear the rest of this chapter of the story ;3