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I enjoy drawing, singing, dancing, and most of all, watching anime shows.
However I enjoy watcing some people suffer at times, like my siblings, hehehe. So fun to tease those you love aint it?
Im currently in high school.
Joined many sports, swimming, tennis, basketball, colorguard, and etc. However I only join for one year and join new one next year, however next year I'm still joining tennis. O.o

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    You shall know nothing about me! muahahahahahaha
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Yeah, I disabled guest comments :P This comic was drawn for a competition, so we basically did the 43 pages in about a month and a half's time @_@ I agree that some of the drawings look awkward, but they would look a lot better if we had more time xD And yes, I sort've figured that he was trollin'
I have to say guys, this page was absolutely perfect! I don't mean the drawing, but like the narration!!! My boyfriend is the AWESOME ONE! The last panel gave me chills down my back haha. xD
In part two, I don't know the narration that goes on the page, I draw the pictures and sent him the file, then he puts the words in. Haha
Gawd, she looks like a Zombie!! There was a different drawing there before that one in the last panel, but me and my boyfriend didn't like how it came out. so I redrew it. My drawing and toning gets so much better later on.
Finally an up close picture of Adam. :]
@PinkPuddle235, you will see muahaha
ohmygawd it's youuuuuuUUUuUUuu!!!!! hailo
The second to last panel is my most favorite. :]
That is a good looking house, don't you agree? :]
I say that this was the fastest page to draw and tone. :]
this is my most favorite page gagag
Ever since for the first page of count spade came out so long ago I had been a dying hard fan and even drew you a fanart of it. :] You may not remember it lol.
I am still a hard core fan of yours today xD
Your drawing and your layout of the panels are so awesome and unique. I am awedddd
I like your coloring style!
It's so cool!
Thank you so much xD!
Thank you. :]
Wow I already got fans going on here. :] It may not seem like it to you, but that is a lot of fans for me. :]
The first time I had tone something in so longggg.
I use to be really good at it when I had my other computer that had a butt load of brushes and patterns that I could use, but that computer died along with all of my brushes. :(
Oh well, I'm glad that this came out awesome. ^^
Had to resubmit this because it looked too small.
I am really proud on how the cover came out. :]
It took about six hours to get done.
I love your drawing style. :] The comic is look so cool!!!
>< this has got to be my most favorite page out of the entire comic/manga!!!
I really love pikachu's expression in the first panel and phyduck sure knows how to keep it looking cool while in the state of panic haha. awesome i really love this page. awesomeness.