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So sad!!But so beautiful!!And so hard to look at Herz so destroyed ;(, and Hirn...
No dude,Pipsqueak needs ya both!
This webcomic always makes me smile :D.
Thank you!! *3*
Awesome page!!
Does that kind of bed really exist?? *3*
They are hot!
I'm already enjoying it!*____*
Loving it!
@queensilian: xD
Love is coming
Vanilla loves Juraaaa *___________*
You are GREAT!
Don't be depressed! This comic is awesome and super original, no only the plot but the site, i love it!
Ok, ok, i ship Jura+Lunge too, xD.
Vanilla and Lunge should falling in love with each other, they'd be so happy together, xD. And it will be very hot seeing them together! *________*
What is Dice looking at in the last panel? Nine abs or blood drops??? ^^
OMG! Are they watching Game of thrones?? xDD
Love it!*____*
I'm Spanish yaaaay! :DDD
Colors and happiness
Yees *____*, I'm so happy you keep on with this comic, it's so unique and beautiful, one of my favourites!With Teahouse, Starfighter, the onorobo's, Transfusions and yours!
I've justo found this webcomic and i love it! I love the colors!*___* And the characters, i hope Gyon and Manu become a couple ^^.
I love this comic and i loved the former one! I will wait the million pages to see the yaoi moments, because i'm sure the path to that point will be all fun, ;).
February 19th, 2013
OOoh, super bonito y triste a la vez. Me alegro de que sigáis con el cómic, aunque si lo hubieras editado en papel hubiera intentado conseguirlo igualmente!No puedo esperar a que se conozcan!!*_*