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*flings Congratulations confetti for finished tests*

*shifty eyed* *Flings penis shaped confetti over the two lovey-dovey derps too*
I love Ivo's reaction to having the blanket tied around him. And I bet Imre was setting them up, to see if they would see her, as well as to see if they were naughty enough to do things where she might see!
June 15th, 2018
I'm just happy when I see updates, so as far as I'm concerned take however long you need! Just as long as you're able to keep going :)
Well, at least we get eye candy while Arei gets the riot act. *L*
I love the way these two are being shown, their eyes show how they're feeling quite well too.
June 13th, 2018
I do commend Cortland for telling Ian that he needs to tell him, that he needs to get it out there and let Ian know what happened.
Well that would be a way to shake up the family dynamic! XD
Love her, and also that Dragosh is covering up Ivo like "Don't be peeping on my man!" XD
Hopefully being that close to Drew, Luca will be able to absorb enough energy to finish healing!
If not, at least Drew didn't kick him out of bed first!
Russel knows what's up! Then again, maybe Brynn had some showing battle scars of his own. *L*
*LMAO* aw jealous brother is jealous!
Aw, so much love for these dorks! <3
I do!
Now that he's given in and accepted his feelings, he's definitely a ho for Dragosh. *L*
@korymisun: There is a cactus rubber ducky!
Amanduur is awesome! I love when I see comments left on comics that I read by creators of other comics that I read. :)
May 18th, 2018
@M-24: *LOL* He's not always that helpful. Though he used to rub my leg when I got a cramp and woke up screaming, and he'd still be asleep.
Normally he just snores..loudly XD
May 18th, 2018
@Kotokot: I told him I was going to start recording him when I'm talking to him sometime, just in case he doesn't remember. *L*
May 18th, 2018
My hubby will open his eyes and talk clearly to me, and apparently still be asleep because he doesn't remember it later. Once he got up out of bed, put on pants, helped me unload groceries from the car, removed his pants and went to bed. Doesn't remember it even years later. *L*
Welcome back! Glad you're better!