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@amanduur: *L* Well, I hadn't really known him that long, he was a friend of a friend. And we'd only talked for about an hour, and then he went in for the kiss.. and was open mouthed and slobbered on me. Like he was trying to french kiss. Put off some serious creeper vibes and scared the crap out of me. When I went home, I ended up actually throwing up. And missed the next day, a friday, of school. And over the weekend wrote up a letter about not being able to date him.
Glad I did too, found out he was still dating his supposed ex girlfriend. *shudder*
You know, I actually was physically ill after a really really bad first kiss with my first boyfriend, and missed the next day of school. *LOL*
"5 hours?! What stamina! OMG our son is astounding! Also, didn't need to know he's been fooling around for 5 hours...never going to get that one out of our heads.." XD
June 9th, 2017
He was fine with the touching, but not the messing up of the hairdo. *LOL* also, I totes want a duck-bunny-kitten
Holy cow! Glad to hear she's okay!
Also, welcome back!
Brynn needs a good hug, a nice nights sleep, a new cello after the rain... and an appointment with a therapist to talk this all over with.
Look, you can't send him back without his dog! OMG, rude.
@Hoagie: *LMGDAO* so glad I'm home alone so I didn't have to explain what I was laughing at..
"...with eyes like the sea after a storm..."

and the Princess Bride pops into my head when I see Brynn's eyes with the lightning reflected in them.
Brynn! Rain is not good for the cello, get yer butt inside!
Okay, I adore her more now.. I have a friend named Renee, who used to be male.
AH! The Derptopus is coming!
Luca's Dad, or older brother?
May 23rd, 2017
*flings a ton of confetti* Congrats!

also, laughing at her realizing she just cockblocked Tommy.
May 19th, 2017
What a place to keep your knife... o_O that can't be comfortable. *L*
Also, poor deer, just trying to check out the new neighbors and get all threatened n'stuff!
You're really good at being able to portray their emotions, it's just one of the things I love about your comics!
I would have the same reaction as him!
Course, I'm sure if my cats could turn into humans too, they'd still be little jerks. *L*
Hisu needs to have his arm stitched up! *flails*
Well hello big ghost-wolf-snake thingy! <3
@EloriaNekoi: I second every part of this!