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Im here to fan and comment on stuff
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Well, that's one way to avoid responsibilities
Wow I watched the first episode of the cute earth defense show like yesterday and it just hit me why the title is what it is and why there are two kyuubeis* slaps head on table*
Omg how dare he(it?)
If only she knew
Hahahahah this comic is so great A++ love
He's gonna finally get what he deserves
Hahahahhahahahahahahahahhahahaha Daniel's so great
Shits about to down!
The second to last panel is just perfect
Hahaha Christy is the best
Waittttttt what if Daniel was responsible for those murders that have been happening!?!! Or at least the vampire who turned him(I hope)
Awwww poor bby Daniel's such a sweetie
Sharkman is now my fav character
They're so cuteeeee
Awww Daniel's such a cutie!
This is pure gold I love it