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I'm a girl who likes video games and comics. Amazing, right?
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You don't give yourself enough credit. I'm amazed that you able to update more than twice a year what with how detailed and awesome you drawing are! The continuity of you character designs and size ratios are amazing
Half way through the page I got the joke and cracked up! xD
THIS is how the Great Fairies SHOULD look! Not like "Tinkerbell Gone Wild" (Looking at you, Nintendo)
Le gasp!
Mario sans the hat!
Three guesses on the other kingdom...
Oh god! It's freaking Tingle! Visiting his island in Wind Waker gave me nightmares... I can never unsee it
One fish, two fish, red fish, blue fish, green fairy boy
The melody reminds me of The Little Mermaid theme... must be the red hair
That joke never gets old
*bashing the A button*
Did you get all that?

*presses A*... dammit