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I never really noticed until now but Colt is really smoking hot. I want to lick his face.
@Naomi-Daos:Yes coincidentally I am. and Now I want a Peanut Butter and Jelly sandwich myself.
PLEASE UPDATE SOON~!!!!!!!! I feel it in my tummy a cliffhanger! I really wanna know what happens next!

Love your art should really become an anime or something. I'd follow it like no bodies business.
I really hope your foot gets better soon! I check jeeves daily for updates on this story i'm addicted to it!!!
That's so legit. No i want to do that too!
Poor Saeki...... I Like the story lots! Keep me posted!
PLEASE CONTINUE! I really love the story and plot! and you are an amazing artist!!!!
continue!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! please! i want to know what he got for him!!!!