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Call me either Wilth, Wilthy or Vell. Depending on whatever you feel comfortable with.
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    Wilth / Vell Rius
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I worked myself into a dead end and too far.
So the only option was to redo it.

I had some time to think about what I wanted and I know what I will be doing different.

I hope you all don't mind this.
Its not dead.
It is going to be christmas soon and I wanted to show..
The comic isn't dead, I haven't forgotten it and I will continue on with it!

Enjoy this little present he has for you. He tried his best packing it..
Even though he is terrible with this kind of stuff. Its his first time packing a gift and just let him be proud of himself.

The present is meant towards his lover by the way.
I am late..
I promised I would've make more pages. But in reality, things went in my way, and I kind of forgot. However, since two weeks ago, I resketched the page and redid the whole page.

However, I was so freaking smart to forget the text in this page..= _ =;

I am sorry for being quite late.
A lot of things happened during the time I was making the page. I also lost motivation multiple times an my tablet also broke.

I lined this page a long time ago, and I am happy I finally finished it but I am not happy with the last pannel. Zoth and the background just lok out of place and I know I could've done it better then that.

Atleast I managed to give you guys a page after 3 months.
@AlkseeyaKC: I knew you would like them :'3
Wait, even better art?!
Well, people said this while looking at the sketches.

And this is the final result of a week or two of hard work. Do understand I am busy with school. And I also need to do other stuffs. So yeah.. I am kind of busy. Be happy my laptop got repaired so that I can start making the pages again.
Style change
Sorry for the sudden change of style, I just couldn't replicate the style of Page 2. I hope you do like how this page had turned out. I tried to release it on Wednesday but stuff happened.
I am sorry.. New Style!
I decided, to keep a different style.
I used already in the picture of Izo and Gailte.
For the ones who don't have my DA, I mean this one:

I hope you won't mind and this is my handwriting. I hope you can read it well. Apologies for me being late. I had no idea how to put the Aito scene in good works.
Maximum size problems.
After a huge struggle with the size, I finally managed to get it under 500 KB. Its quite an annoying limit..
@AlkseeyaKC: I know, the first few days I created Zoth I couldn't stop squeeling and drawing him. >w<
Finally, going to make a decent start.
Lets hope I can keep this up!
Incase you are wonderng, Zoth is in his "home".
I am actually glad I found you here on smackjeeves. I left DrunkDuck a while ago..
But still, thats really sweet of him.
Erm.. You missed a E..

*Goes back into hiding*
... And I thought she already was crazy enough.
Wheew! Found you on smackjeeves!

A few pages ago, they mentioned about some glowing markers. . _.
FFTA2 stands for Final Fantasy Tactics Advance 2: Grimore of the Rift.
Its a stragety game.