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I work at Dish network, doing tech support. I like anime and manga, as well as american comic books.
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This is Neo_Rising
Everything is looking a lot cleaner these days. Characters have more of a polished look to them. I havent updated my comic in forever >_<
I caught up on everything today and VOTED! You others! Vote, so the comic gets more exposure ;P

Also, love the "De-nied" face. It will be stuck in my head making me giggle for at least until tomorrow.
Your comic
I like your comic. It is awesome. I could probably think of a better compliment, but I am semi-homeless and sleep deprived, which makes the current story really amusing.
No Sweat!
Man, I'm practically homeless right now, I understand ^-^ Glad you like it!
I made Daniel fanart. Though in retrospect, I wish I could have incorporated flaming cat poop.
This is quickly becoming my favorite webcomic! I kick y`all a vote everyday.
Fro guy rules.
New banner pwns.
Y`know, I've seen this very same type of scenario play out in real life. Awesome job! I'll keep voting for ya ^-^
Wewt! I have loved every moment of this. Can't wait for more.
Very nice
I love your art. Look forward to more :D
April 3rd, 2007
I assume it's him as a pup with his parents? Man, I really like your art style, I look forward to more.
Your art is amazing. I love your water especially.