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Undeclared. Artist.
Happy Holidays from Dystopi! Here's a quick sketch of slightly revamped Alice, Ben, Hayl, Paul, and Fiona. :)
Happy Holidays from Two Years to Say I Love You.

Have a quick sketch of the main characters being all up in the Christmas spirit.
Have some genderswapped characters as an apology for the lack of updates.
September 19th, 2012
I miss this updating so much.
September 18th, 2012
This brings back such fond memories. I once had to dissect a cow eyeball with our school's resident genius (took the math section of the SAT in 5th grade and aced it). He was actually super squeamish and made me do all the snipping and cutting of stuff.
Words (c) Smokey Robinson "You Really Got a Hold On Me" for The Miracles, as made famous by The Beatles. It was covered as a very sweet duet between John Lennon and George Harrison. Also, She & Him have a folky/Hawaiian-ish sounding cover. I am a fan of this song.
The names from last comic's search are:
- Michael
- Andy
- Kara
- Tom
- Lauren
- Mark
- Moira
Name search!
How many names/characters do you recognize on the list? All repetitions aside (and not counting the drama teacher), I believe there are seven names you should know.
When Michael walks into his first drama class...
And all he can see is friendship.
Moira Delana Sanderson
Moira is sophomore when the story opens. Blonde-haired and blue-eyed, she is the classic beauty. Her interests are drama, dance, and social sciences.
Mrs. Reeder
She is the motherly drama teacher, absolutely devoted to and adored by her class.
Eva Miranda Arden
Eva is Michael's older sister, and a freshman in college when the story opens, where she's studying law. She calls home every week and loves Michael to pieces.
Tessa & Jeff
Tessa Sachiko Scott and Jeffrey Tomi Scott are Andy's younger siblings. Tessa is a sophomore and Jeff is a sixth grader when the story opens.
Mark Skyler Bennett
Mark is another junior. His interests are drama, geology, and LGTBQ rights (he's gay). He is good friends with Andy and Tom.
Thomas John Henry
Tom is a another junior. His interests are drama, politics, and music. He and Lauren are good friends.
Lauren Penelope Moya
Lauren is another junior. Her interests are drama, ecology, and history. She is half-Egyptian, and half-Numibian.
Daniel Benjamin Johns
Daniel is another sophomore. His interests are drama, math, and photography.
Clarice Jane Duvall
Clarie is a sophomore when the story opens. Her interests are drama, chemistry, and politics. She's very sweet and warm-hearted.
Kara Emily Glassford
Kara is another junior when the story opens. Her interests are (you guessed it) drama, history, and literature. She and Andy used to date, and are still good friends.