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@Poppy: Oh! Those things aren't easy to make. I took a trip to New Orleans with my mom a few years back to see the museum they have for all their floats. It's amazing what people can make.
It's pretty nice to see an update ouo
EDIT: Ignore the page numbers. I forgot to change it...
Been forever, things are changing. Uh...yeah >.<
I'm a big dork and still can't draw my own characters that well. At least I can get the story going along soon...
awesome ouo
So, this comic is mainly going to be crappy doodles such as this.... for the next few months while I plan out the rest of the comic and pre-draw everything. so, boop.
I'm still here. Just not in a planning mood, which is really what I need to do here.
Since there are a few fans already, I'm just going to say that I don't have much planned yet for this comic. It's a draw as I go type of thing. I am looking for a co-author to help me with the planning and any ideas they want to throw in. Cause I have this opening planned....and then the end. That's about it >///<

Relating to the still working out details thing, I haven't worked out a look for Valter yet >.< I'm such a horrible person...

So if interested at all, just send me a message or something, alright? xD
Some messy sketches of some of the characters.
We got Ruin, Ku, Carla ( One of our female characters ), and Winter.
That's right Inali, spill all of Sol's secrets. That's what best friends are for! XD
Gosh. I really need to step it up. x_x
Well, back to sketching. But hey! Finally to the main people in the story, well, a few of them. I say there are three main characters ( Enalo, Dyadit, and Rocill ), but in reality,I tend to focus more on side characters too.

But I realize I haven't done much to introduce some characters, so I hope the further I get the more I can talk about them.
For now you have Enalo, Djuro, Inali, and Sol. ^_^
I realize I can't draw guys very well, so practice will get me somewhere xD

Also~ Since I'll be working on this comic slowly, I decided to help me get practice in, I will start a second comic that will be nothing but messy sketches unless I feel like doing more to it. So please take a look and help me decide:
No page update until next week some time (Exam week ).
So for now, here's something random I did that relates to one of the character's back story.
ouo I love this comic~

P.S. Top left panel has a mispell >.<
Next page will be getting to our main setting and characters~
So yay~ xD
I think I'm not going to color unless I feel the page really really needs it >.< Like I said, I'll go back eventually and color. But I think I just need to focus on actually drawings and getting the story out. xD

But yay~ another page.

EDIT: Crap >.< Woodburrow is in the South.
I ended up changing the way I had this written out and forgot to add that in there. But I'm sure after the next two pages you could have guessed that though.
Sorry it took forever. No color cause I don't have time right now. I'll go back and color eventually.
Yeah, school is crap and other stuff is more important. I'm just going to end up drawing everything in a chapter first before posting anything for that chapter.
with the family stuff, loads of school work, and more random stuff I haven't been able to get around to any new pages and I'm sorry.

I'm working on them now to have up in time for this weekend for a triple update xD