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Just some guy who got a little nostalgic while reading Nuzlocke comics one day.
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I think we actually already had a conversation about evolving and lost limbs somewhere in chapter 8 if memory serves correctlty
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The most twisted part of this page is how it says "E-Mail This Comic to a Friend!" right below Atty's lonely face

There have been many nuzlockes that have brought me to tears,
But yours is the only one that has ever given me goosebumps.

The rage-induced fighting in this comic in so feral and brutal, yet so emotionally gripping and relatable (most notably Pucks reaction when Kato was bitten in the neck, and when Jojjo eviscerated that ekans for killing Regina).

This is, without a doubt, my favorite nuzlocke comic, even above Petty's and Ky-nim's (the two comics that I consider to be the quintessential nuzlocke runs)

I tell people to avoid reading this comic if they have just started reading nuzlockes - not because it is violent, but because once you've read this one, you just won't be able to find another nuzlocke that can truly compare.
Seeing that there was an update after all this time broke my heart into pieces and melted them

In the best of ways.
Petty, I missed you so much.

I won't lie, you are my third favorite Nuzlocke comic, but when I try to introduce a friend to the nature of the nuzlocke universe, you are the first comic I direct them to - you embody the spirit of this specific adventure to the best it can be.
Possible Improvement
I daresay Ghetsis might look and smell somewhat less repulsive after the dumpster makeover xD
I'm totally shipping over here...
really tall grass
"We always knew pokemon hid in tall grass. but now the we've recently discovered 'really tall grass', we found out that they can travel in packs!"
pokeballs.... IN pokeballs..? xD
Your N
Your N makes 100s of times more sense than the one in the game. The pokemon villians have always been notorious for explaining their rationalle poorly. They could use a skilled writer like you :3
A top
I had to go back to the last page and read the comments to realize that by top, you meant a shirt, and not the spinning toy >.<
Ah, I see. I haven't played B&W yet.

Still kind of funny. It's like giving out free samples of furniture.
Some customers might want to buy more, but the sample given out is pretty much good enough on it's own - pretty generous >.<
Lol, the missingo of the covenant.
I'm shipping so hard right now

Chikouu: "ijodhgueiehuryebgfau"
Deliberalis: "That's a big compliment"

I loled
Pfft. I just updated for the first time in 5 months yesterday. In the end all that matters is if the final product is worth it.

(Wonder what my excuse is :@)
Haha, "Evolution stone samples"?
How does that even work? xD
As someone who went to college for architecture, drafting, and blueprinting, I have to say that is a swell bridge rendering.
If you're still a young-un (though I doubt it with skills like that) and are not yet in college and or not yet sure what to do with life, consider civil-engineering. Might be right up your alley.
"Yeah, I know"
I love how, in the npc's eyes, Beta either already knows everything, or just says he does. It's just at that level where one just wouldn't know what to think, and I can already see Beta shaking up this sleepy little game plot a little at a time.

Excellent characterizations.
3 Hour Tour
Hmm, I don't recall there being a U.S.S. Minnow in the pokemon universe ;P