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December 9th, 2017
Sorry for the long wait, everyone! Thank you for your patience etc etc :,3 <3<3<3
Here's Loke redecorating the room.



@Raichi: I guess he's a wee bit adorable..... but it looks more like he's got a resting-bitch face even when he's ....well... resting.... 8O

@dandelion: *Pokes his sleeping face* Heeheeeee >:B

@MoonByte: Or he's trying to sing some weird-ass lullaby. 8T

@Ankan: Aaaahhwwww no, youuuuuu 8,3 ~~
December 4th, 2017
@khadijah: I'm still alive, don't worry. :,3 Things have just been poop lately, but I plan on uploading the next page this week. <3
October 28th, 2017


@Quadrant: Tbh, who'd wanna spend time with Teivel? All he does is smoke and judge people with them eyes. :T

@MoonByte: I don't like it, I LOVE IT!! 8V
Who knows what they'd do to entertain themselves back in those days... I kinda imagine Teivel just dancing around his room and singing terribly. xD

@Raichi: Poor dude is in some sort of limbo still, I think. Uhhh... emotional limbo. Does that make any sense?? 8,T

@SaasantheSassy: Loke: "Plz I wanna hang out with you and stare at check pieces and eat cake some more~"
October 21st, 2017
Teivel needs some alone-time IF YA KNOW WHAT I MEAN.


@mrsklemzak: No time for that! They need their beauty sleep, too!

@dandelion: Say what you want about Teivel, at least he's cool with not making his buds feel uncomfortable! 8V

@Raichi: To be honest, that was completely accidental on my part xD But you're right, it might be beneficial for them. :D

@MoonByte: This is the best thing I've ever seen. I will save and cherish it forever.
(Srsly though, thank you, it's hilarious x,D)

@Kyotee#2: Oh, gosh :,3 Thank you so much for the praise <3
I've thought about starting a patreon before, or at least some sort of tip-jar etc, but I've never gone through with it. Think I'm worried that I won't be able to meet the goals or something. I DONT WANNA DISAPPOINT PEEPS, THAT'S ALL 8,T
October 15th, 2017
Blarghle, sorry for late update, peeps!

Loke: *Samuel L. Jackson voice* Go the fuck to sleep....


@aidahuiz: He's probably been shuffling it closer every time Teivel had his back turned xDD

@Quadrant: The only way to keep one safe from the darkness.... is lots of kisses and cuddles, man!!

@Raichi: That bed and this entire room is a pain in my butt 8,T xD
Trueee, but what if.... they did some really aggressive cuddling to keep Loke awake? =O

@MoonByte: *Throws the whole chair with Loke in it onto the bed* JUST DO IT, DAMN YOU!!

@mrsklemzak: Just put the entire place on fire, it'll be fiiiiine.

@SaasantheSassy: Iknorite. =( Lucky him, I guess, that he's really only terrified of complete pitch black darkness. HOW CONVENIENT! 8V

@dandelion: Who said the comments need to be serious? 8V Whooooop!!
October 7th, 2017
Poor little babu :,T


@SaasantheSassy: I know, right 8,O Also, dang, finally he brings up his fear of the dark after like..... forever? Page 1 of the whole comic, even? xDD

@dandelion: Let them hug it out!! And yeah, I kinda like the face he pulled there x,D "Pfff, whatever. PLEB!!"

@Raichi: xDDD Now I can't un-see it. Although I'd picture a bucket of stabby things instead...

@Ankan: Gosh darn pretty bois!!

@MoonByte: I also heard coitus could help distract you from the scaries... 8V
September 30th, 2017
Ouch, right in the pride...


@Quadrant: Haha, weirdly enough... I'm actually not too sure if he'd be better or not. Probably depends on the people that're running things for Teivel, since he'd just sit back and do nothing, pretty much.
At least he doesn't have twitter, a hurr hurr :V

@Hawkflame: Give him some slack, he's just really proud of that simile x,D

@MipMipDead: He's really into hands, isn't he? D8 ... WHAT COULD THIS ALL MEAN?!!

@Raichi: Teivel "See, I don't rule this place, cause I suck so hard, AHAHAHAHA.... *sobs*...."

@SaasantheSassy: Needs more stripes or at least some heart-patterned undies! >:T

@MoonByte: I kinda like that part of his personality, too. xD
Could be both blessing or a curse though, depending on the circumstances. Because on one hand, he doesn't wanna engage in things that he doesn't feel he's capable of, and on the other, he simply doesn't care. 8,T If.... that even makes sense... xD
September 23rd, 2017
He's soooo proud of himself and his little Trump-hands.


@Ankan: Bastard is still too scrawny to be called T H I C C, so it's okay :V xD
Don't apologize, I love your "ramblings" xD!

@Raichi: Loke-Lock, the greatest detective!! (Anyone else watching Phelous' videos here? No?)

@Oboro: I GUEEEESSSSS thirsting for them characters is a big plus. xD

@Cave: Thank you 8,3 It took me a while to get it to look decent, but I'm quite pleased with how it turned out. xD

@MoonByte: There's another scar for Teivel, but it'll be on his bumcheek 8,(
Loke is smrt Loke!
September 16th, 2017
Oh, yeah, remember when that happened? Good times...


@SaasantheSassy: He might just react all: "What has science done...?" like Teivel does in that one joke-pic I drew way back, who knows? xD

@MoonByte: I'm happy, too 8,V
Oh god, he's gonna bite them as hard as he bit into that one guard's neck D;

@Anastasia: I'm probably more of a boob-woman but hey, won't complain if there's also a nice a- ................................
I-I mean, errrrr.... IGNORE MEEEE!!!

@Raichi: Teh butt is missing two red handmarks on them!!

@nataliaclow: Happens to me all the time... 8,V Imeanwut

@Total_Tempest10: Suuuuuper subtle, too... xD

@Quadrant: I know right? Perhaps a mankini would suffice? D;

@Leafy Savanna Chan: Exactly... I think he'd just rather pretend that everything is just fine.

@korymisun: Hahaha, the "primitive part" thing right next to Loke being a peeper was just mere coincidense, but it fits pretty well. xD

@Ankan: Thank goodness nobody has mentioned "T H I C C" yet. xD
*Realizes that I just mentioned it*
September 9th, 2017
Is... is this the first hint we've gotten about Loke's sexual orientation? He's a butt-sexual!! =O


@Quadrant: Loke: "Well, I'm speaking to him, so I haaave to look at him. Oh, oopsieee~"

@CrimsonnReign: "SEXY EYE EMOTION" seems like Teivel's reaction to almost any situation. 8,T

@BedMonster801: Hahaha, no, it's not weird at all. xD I've probably mentioned before that some details/decisions in 'Helix' were added as my own little protest against yaoi-stereotypes, and that includes body shapes, haha... :,I

@Shyenetta: Agreed! I'm glad that peeps seem to appreciate it. :,3... and it's still not a super-big or progressive thing really. xD

@SaasantheSassy: Should've given him a regular-looking body when clothed and then drawn his body all tanned, oily and super-ripped once he got naked... >xD

@MoonByte: *Looks up "Throw The Cheese"* What even...??

@Raichi: D,8 I h-h-hate that song...

@Oboro: Exactly what I was thinking. :D Like obviously, he can knife fight pretty well, so he's got some muscle under there, but it's not like he exercises every day. He probably eats well, drinks, smokes... so it wouldn't be a chock if he had a wee bit more fat on him. xD
September 3rd, 2017
@Ankan: Jaa, samma här xD Det är därför jag försökte göra en serie som inte har alla de där sakerna som jag är trött på i en massa andra serier, särskilt inom yaoi och m/m-genren. :,O

Wooo, häng på, och oroa dig inte ett dugg, jag älskar att få kommentarer :D
September 3rd, 2017
@Ankan: Vafääään, en svenne?? :O! xD Och eller hur? Får försöka läsa namnen på svengelska eller nåt så låter det mindre weird kanske... :,I
Vad kul att du gillar serien so far, hoppas du hänger kvar genom resten också!
September 2nd, 2017
I forgot to update yesterday, because I suck and I probably smell too.


@Raichi: Is this the most sexual this comic has gotten thus far? Only 400+ pages in, guise!!111 8V.... Oh, wait, he's just changing clothes.

@Quadrant: Thank you :D
Look at that dumb Loke, trying to look like he doesn't wanna take a peek at least, GAWD.

@MoonByte: I believe that's what Teivel means, yes. :,3 He just wants to keep Donovan happy, aight!! 8,V
Speaking of the guns... someone's gotta bring some flint, or they'll end up just throwing them at the enemy.

@mrsklemzak: HI THAR, and thanks :D Glad you liked the beach pic, too. xD Loke has certainly buffed himself up a bit whenever that pic takes place.... also they traveled to the future somehow, BUT ANYWAY....

@Jazzeejazz: Oh PFFFFFFFF, it's serious....ish, but I'll still throw in some OMG-SO-SUBTLE fan service in there, so enjoy! >;D

@Leafy Savanna Chan: Woooo, thank you! I'm glad to be back... too bad I haven't gotten used to uploading on fridays again. <<'''' *Was about to sleep but remembered that I hadn't updated the comic this week*

@BedMonster801: Thanks! NOW GO PET THE HAIRS!!

@Anastasia: ... My secret is out ... D; The true issue was that I wasn't allowed to draw more than one strand of hair a day ;____;!!

@B: And I'm happy that peeps are still reading this shiet... 8,D
August 26th, 2017
... Dang, Loke, you left that last line hanging for like 2 months, jesus christ!
(Again, sorry for the long wait, thank you all for being patient <3<3<3 You haven't missed the new summer-artpiece that I uploaded in the "Extra" section, did you?


@Raichi: Hahaha thank you for the offer :,3 We'll see if I can manage on my own first.

@BedMonster801: CLOSE.... close.... he's taking of his shirt.

@MoonByte: Naaaah, he's just pulling the shirt out of his pants. In a saddddd way! D8

@upsetapplecart: Nothing brightens the mood like some good ol' war talk, huh?

@Anastasia: xDDD Yeahhh,not uncomfortable at all... Watch him strangle himself to death with it now.


@MipMipDead: How could youuuuu?? D8 I mean... thank you for all the comments :,3 <3

@JapaniKatti: I think it's fixed now. =O Sorry for the late reply, and thank you for the heads-up :3
@Daisie2819: EEEH, Loke's probably cheating. Wearing high-heeled sandals or something. :T
@MoonByte: I'm gonna guess which characters you meant... Loke and Ulrik perhaps? :D
I think Loke has a bit of advantage of standing at the front too, since there's a tiny bit of a perspective thing going on.
Probably didn't help Ulrik much that I put him next to the shortest character. xDD

Dono is a precious bby :,3 Ooh and thank you, hope you had a nice summer!
@Daisie2819: Hahaha, which one? Are you talking about Ulrik, that tall freak? D; xD
Summer vacation is OVER, kiddos! So-um, I felt like drawing a vacation picture of the characters. Every anime, I mean comic, needs a beach episode, OKAY?! D;
ALSO: the next page will be uploaded tomorrow (saturday), so stay tuned. Thank you all for your patience, hope you had a good summer! <3<3
And uhhh, sorry about the wide pictures always looking like crap layout-wise. 8,T

In case anyone has been wondering where the updates went to, I apologize for… well, the lack of them these last few weeks. No, don’t worry, I’m not quitting the comic, not by a long-shot. : P
I’ve just felt discouraged a lot more than usual, and my crappy self-confidence didn’t get much better when I saw how stuck I was with the story etc (Like, way in the future, since this current plotpoint is basically planned. I just don’t want this to turn into LOST at the end, if you catch my drift. xD)
It sucks, because I had some small plans of perhaps starting up a patreon account at some point… <<’
And then life happened, which didn’t help either.

Just felt like I wanted to give everyone a head’s-up. Again, sorry for the delay, and don’t worry, there’ll be updates eventually.

Oh, uhhh… and here, have some random midsummer art.

Love / Annausagi2
I'm running out of pages ffffffffffffffffuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU


@Ninhursag: His face breaks my heart a little, too. We've yet to see him cry, though...
She really was badass... although Loke's mom is still my fav mom in the comic. xD

@sundayyyyyy: Hi there! The process when it comes to the screentone-y look of the comic is a bit hard to explain (it's more complicated than it should, haha...) but I'll try:
Right when I begin to add shading to the page, I just use a solid grey color. As soon as that's done.... I gotta go from Photoshop CS6 to Photoshop 7 so that I can use Computones (software from a series of "How to draw manga" books that doesn't work with newer versions of Photoshop) -_-'... and I slap white-colored screentone over all the grey to give it this look.
Hope that explained things at least a little bit... x,D Feel free to poke me again if you have more questions. :)

@Raichi: I'm just waiting for at least one of them to go: "SEE, WE'VE GOT ALL THIS IN COMMON!!! LET'S KISS!"

@MoonByte: Hmmm perhaps... "woman in pantry" would suffice? =O