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In case anyone has been wondering where the updates went to, I apologize for… well, the lack of them these last few weeks. No, don’t worry, I’m not quitting the comic, not by a long-shot. : P
I’ve just felt discouraged a lot more than usual, and my crappy self-confidence didn’t get much better when I saw how stuck I was with the story etc (Like, way in the future, since this current plotpoint is basically planned. I just don’t want this to turn into LOST at the end, if you catch my drift. xD)
It sucks, because I had some small plans of perhaps starting up a patreon account at some point… <<’
And then life happened, which didn’t help either.

Just felt like I wanted to give everyone a head’s-up. Again, sorry for the delay, and don’t worry, there’ll be updates eventually.

Oh, uhhh… and here, have some random midsummer art.

Love / Annausagi2
I'm running out of pages ffffffffffffffffuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU


@Ninhursag: His face breaks my heart a little, too. We've yet to see him cry, though...
She really was badass... although Loke's mom is still my fav mom in the comic. xD

@sundayyyyyy: Hi there! The process when it comes to the screentone-y look of the comic is a bit hard to explain (it's more complicated than it should, haha...) but I'll try:
Right when I begin to add shading to the page, I just use a solid grey color. As soon as that's done.... I gotta go from Photoshop CS6 to Photoshop 7 so that I can use Computones (software from a series of "How to draw manga" books that doesn't work with newer versions of Photoshop) -_-'... and I slap white-colored screentone over all the grey to give it this look.
Hope that explained things at least a little bit... x,D Feel free to poke me again if you have more questions. :)

@Raichi: I'm just waiting for at least one of them to go: "SEE, WE'VE GOT ALL THIS IN COMMON!!! LET'S KISS!"

@MoonByte: Hmmm perhaps... "woman in pantry" would suffice? =O


@Quadrant: That's an interesting point... Would reckon he's feeling a bit extra lonely since he's the only child, too. =(

@MoonByte: Looking back, I'm judging myself a bit on these decisions. xD... Going all "woman in refrigerator" here...

@korymisun: Teivel: "Oh, no youuuuuu are the beautiful one <3"

@Raichi: Hahaha true that.... and they're more suited to the environment, I suppose. xD
Also I'm really sorry to hear that. =(

@upsetspplecart: NO STAHP, you'll end up like Donovan and his one arm!!
Loke: "Lol whatevs, my mom could beat up your mom"


@Quadrant: I'd reckon Teivel is Donovan's dad, in a way... xD He did take him in and is pretty protective of him, after all.

@Raichi: Teivel was a weird kid... I mean, he didn't get a "normal, exotic" pet like a lion or something, noooo... he needed a toad. 8V

@BedMonster801: This toad is under arrest for killing Loke's family. 8I
Teivel: "I named him Pepe!"

@Cave: *Uploads new page* LET US SEE...!!! Ooooh, nope, the AWWW-mood isn't destroyed yet. xD

@An Orca On A Stroll: Seriously? That's just sick! =( Poor things...

@MoonByte: Mothers obviously play an important role in this comic, but that doesn't make me feel less awful for just killing them off left and right, haha 8,I...
Mr Toad-guy is my new fav charactrrr


@korymisun: Mommy-bonding ftw... :,3

@Raichi: And whaddya know: it'll be revealed who's in the cage on this very page! =O

@BedMonster801: Loke's just standing there all: "Yeah, I get it, your mom was frikkin' Jesus, I DON'T CAAAAARRREEEEE!!"
(Also, nuuuuu, I'm the one getting all happy-faced when I read the comments. x3)

@MoonByte: Bet his nose was as defined as soon as he came out of the womb. 8I
Arghhh yeah, she does look a bit too much like Layla. :,I *Fail on my part*
@Tepig16: Oh it's def not only you, haha xD...
April 28th, 2017
@mattyboi: *Insert "IT'S BEEN 3,000 YEARS!" meme here*

xD Srsly tho, thanks :3
April 28th, 2017
Teivel has always had that one hairstyle, it seems...


@Quadrant: Save all the ships! Loke/Teivel, Marianne/Ulrik, Donovan....../EVERYONE!!

@Ninhursag: You're right, I feel so ashamed... D,8 GIVE HER A 50/10!

@Raichi: Betcha they were all fancily decorated too... *shakes head*

@MoonByte: Dang ship murderers!!
And you're so right about the war thing. =(
April 21st, 2017
War! Good times!

(Sorry about the lack of replies on last week's update, you guys are still the best <3)


@LadyOfPearls: Hahaha, thank you, it took a while to draw all them darn bows... >;T

@Ninhursag: I based some of her features on the lovely Mary Philbin, so it's no wonder she'd end up looking pretty fine. 8,3

@ZHODY the delfinator: You're certainly right about the nose. xD
A bit of a designer fail on my part: her nose doesn't have the slight downward slope like Teivel's does, partly because I feared she'd end up looking a bit too much Like Layla. 8,I

@Jazzeejazz: *blush blush* awww no U ~ <3

@Cave: No, YOU are beautiful!

@Raichi: Awww... xD Still, you made it through all 400+ pages, so you deserve a cookie! *Gives*


@MoonByte: WELL OF COURSE, the ancient egyptians had everythinggggg! >8V

And yesh, his hair is.... something.

@mrsklemzak: Poor Loke wouldn't even have any daddy issues to talk about. 8( ...or, well...

@Anastasia: Teivel probably has a shit-ton of pictures of cute POWERFUL guys. We just haven't seen them yet. =O
Oh Loke, you naive cinnamon bun you...


@MoonByte: I never knew hair gel was such a big thing 300 years ago. 8I

@Ninhursag: A winrar is you! :3 *Gives cookie from my endless supply of them*

@Anastasia: Teivel: "He was my fav character, OKAY? And I thought he was really cute.... Yes, even when he was Voldemort, DON'T JUDGE!!"

March 24th, 2017


@MoonByte: Oh crap, you're right... they'd probably feel like sleeping on a bed without a matress. <<'''

@Quadrant: Poor guy looks like he's gonna break down, but is trying to hide it so hard... xDD
It's okay, Teivel, Loke just doesn't feel like snuggling tonight.

@Ninhursag: Yassss =3 I still enjoy writing scenes between these two, although Loke has to start talking a bit more...

@aidahuiz: ... Is Loke gonna go full Edward Cullen? 8,(

@crazylupus: What if... they BOTH slept on the chair? =DDDD

@Anastasia: But instead of throwing a pillow, he'll throw the entire chair.
March 17th, 2017
Oh look, these two again! Also, let's ignore that there's a couch there, THE CHAIR WILL DO.


@MoonByte: I kinda hope you don't want the cheating one-eyed pedofork to be the main blond of this comic, but... 8(

"Yeah, at least her leg isn't broken..."

@Malla: Kinda expecting an earthquake and a volcano eruption right after the other guy tells him he's been diagnosed with cancer.

@YJK: Butthurt guy with a rifle... RUN AWAYYY!... oh, right....

@Ninhursag: Exactly! I think it's the old and primitive part of our brain that makes us feel that something is "off" and fake.
xD I suppose it fits Teivel at times, though, he tends to pull those fake smiles quite a bit.

Poor Crying-kun isn't in a very good position, is he? 8(
March 11th, 2017
WELL..... shit.


I guess Mr Hjort was a blond... would you wanna be represented by him?

@Ninhursag: Dang baby-faces!!!
(Thank you! :,D I'm thinking that maybe it's easier for me to draw crying faces... as depressing as that might sound. xD But I feel like whenever I try drawing smiling/happy faces, the characters tend to end up looking kinda unsettling... 8I... that might just be me.)

@Jazzeejazz: *Throws you a bag of cookies cause dangit, everyone that has the energy to binge the hole comic deserves a whole lotta cookies*
Srsly though, thank you so much for the compliments, and I'm happy that you've liked the comic so far. :,D

@crazylupus: xD! Indeed I do like making you guys suffer... I mean, we're over 400 pages in and there hasn't even been a smooch between That-one-guy and You-know-who. >8V

You come here often?

(Sorry for the late update, my sleeping schedule has been effed to the max this last week... 8I...)


@Ninhursag: Aaaa, close! She's actually his wife... xD Don't worry, though, she's legal, she just happens to be tiny and she kinda has a baby-face. :,I

@Quadrant: Imagine the snot, though! He's gonna have icicles sticking out of his nose if he's not careful.

@mrsklemzak: She kinda seems like she's just laughing at him and showing off them berries that he totes can't have, cause he's freezing to death atm. 8I

@Neven: I know I always think about cute gals whenever I'm in trouble. :3

@TaliciaEm: I wanna pet her and love her and call her "George" <3

@MoonByte: ..... *puts on dunce cap and stands in corner of the room* No.......
*Gasp* Are you saying that all blonde people are the same? WHUAAAAAT D8<
February 24th, 2017
Suddenly cute gurl.


@mrsklemzak: Poor bloke is gonna need all the band-aids for that owwie. 8(

@MoonByte: Apparently not. D: He's tried to crawl his way to base camp, or wherever, but...

@Ninhursag: Thank you =D I personally kinda dig the snow effects too, it fits well with the black borders and, yeah, it does add to the eerie feel of the flashback. Quite a cheap effect, but ehhh... xD

@Lynxiechan: "Get that dreck out of my sight!!" xD *calls 9-1-1 for you*
@An Orca On A Stroll: Loke: "No, just a birds nest. Carry on :I"
February 19th, 2017
@An Orca On A Stroll: Dude's got some skills!
February 18th, 2017
My friend commented on this page with a: "Oh look, this page is 50 shades of grey >xD"
She has no nose anymore. >8I


@troblsomtwins829: Maybe he's got two knees on that leg! =O

@BedMonster801: For real, that's what he's been crawling towards this whole page: that sweet, sweet tea...

@Malla: GOOD! I mean... I do like when the comic gets a reaction out of people... xD

@whensaturnrings: He's fiiiiiine...

@Quadrant: Watch him break both his hands after all that crawling, too. Worst day EVER.

@Anastasia: Only problem is he left the duct tape at home. 8(

@Neven: Hope at least the adrenaline scared some of that pain away, but... I doubt it.

@dandelion: I knowww, kinda did for me too when I was drawing it. xD At least I didn't have to go look up reference pics of broken legs... <<'''

@FluffyRhino: No, it looks perfect, I don't see a problem here...
Oh. D8

@Ninhursag: Could hope that the guy is actually extremely lucky and his bones can shapeshift into play-doh.

@MoonByte: That's a very good guess :3 Although I'll keep refering to this man as "Mystery-Guy" just BECAUSE!

@Mind Universe: *insert HE NEEDS SOME MIIIILK comment here*
February 10th, 2017
Well... that could've gone better.


@mrsklemzak: It's fine, he'll just walk all those owwies off.
*Sees new page*

@MoonByte: Gene Wilder, is that you? D8
Lookit those trees, though, probably judging that man. Typical of old trees!
(What am I even talking about anymore...?)