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kinda antisocial XD
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XD half half
FINALLY!! im halfway through editing but almost everything will be uploaded within less than a month, so yea enjoy as chapter two starts!!!
Yea i just read the manga when i was designing him... so the phrase got stuck XD
NOPE!! all this time we were away are all spentin completing chapter 2... well plus school and etc... STILL!! we're completing chapter 2 XD
the pic we drew is more like a rivalry pose...just so u know... he's not the evil boss... XD
Sorry for the long wait T_T
HEY GUYS, eh just so u know chapter 2 is coming up approximately in a month. XD all the drafts were made and we just have to outline and edit it XD so here are some pics that we drew cuz... we got bored of... drawing... ANYWAYS thanks for reading this still XD
my work here is done :D
thank you XD it's really makes our hard work worthwhile to hear people say that
hehe, he'll just use the stick as a guide to control the people, the blade will be free once he needs to slice people XD but he uses his strings mostly though
A guide...hopefully
Well, a lot of people might not read the comics cuz of the manga format, so im putting this as a guide... i put numbers on the boxes... small to see but hopefully it'll help XD
The second couple is a shinigami - god of death
These are my initial drawings(edited) of my second couple, coming out in chapter two. It's a deathgod, so i designed him to look like meet joe black, (remember that movie?? Brad Pitt??) anyways, how they come together is something ull have to read but the massive scythe's name Marionette XD, so he's known as deathstrings... kinda gay?? or... cool?
I agree
I agree with Iouwho... not that im questioning ur originality XD but it is VEEERRYY similar to vampire knight... Then again Doujinshi Cross has some similarities...
THIS IS FRIGGIN AMAZING!!! WHY ARENT U AT THE TOP OF THE RATINGS?? GOODNESS... I personally think this is better than that Ransom comic... WAAAAY betterXD
Hehehe, it's as just he says, i just took a latin bible and an english bible and copied which verses meant what... so it's the same XD
Thank you XD hopefully ill male it up as much fans as you do XD
First Drafts....
This is Gale's first look when i first drew him, the outward spikes are still the same, but the bangs are quite different XD The weapon was inspired from a Halberd, so he's a long range guy XD, but yea my partner didnt want this so i changed it into a person who can wield 4 swords... oops spoiler* Ahem* yea just look forward to it XD
Haha truez
Hopefully Gale can be considered hot by others XD... cuz i wasnt able design him to have those qualities
Yea... just so u know guys, the one above is like a preview of the next chapter, while the above one is an... extra XD
is there a difference?? -__-'
hehe, thanks for making it English for some...