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Okay, I'm sorry.
Life got in the way of this comic, and it ended up going on hiatus for the school year I suppose. But I intend to return to this, make a new cover, and get updates back in order. Maybe even improve the quality of the writing, and fix the fact that the comic can't seem to decide whether it's blatant comedy, or something serious?

Point is, I'm going to come back to this as soon as I can.
I hope you're looking forward to it.
My sincere apologies for the gagging that no doubt came after that gag.
*Ponder animation quality
Sorry guys, but I have some technical difficulties. I moved over the summer, and have had some difficulty setting up my computer, as there isn't much space at the moment. I have every intention of continuing this comic, and plan to have my computer set up very soon. see you then!
Busy all week.
SORRYSORRYSORRY for lack of updates. I had an exhausting week, and I wasn't even able to make a comic on thursday. Today I just wanted to rest.
So Sorry!
Sorry for the month-long break! I lost motivation for this for a bit, due to having gotten wrapped up in other things. I can't say for certain that I'll be sticking to the update schedule from here on out.
June 5th, 2016
Fixed lack of mouths!
Can you see your dreams?
Are you ready for their truth?
Can you see the sunset gleaming?
Are you ready to move through?
Can you see the children play?
Are you ready to see them grow?
Can you see the end now?
Are you ready to go home?
@Denny2De: To clarify, Gordos are the spiked metal ball enemies. they are invincible in the game.
Check the last page for modified update schedule!
Update schedule modified!
Thursdays and MONDAYS now.
This page felt stiff.

Then I put in a bronto burt.
Sorry for lateness!
Because of lateness, I thought I'd put myself outside the comic. It made sense at the time.
OHSNAP I forgot to make a comic. I should fix that.
April 25th, 2016
color's mostly fixed on comics. still working on some, though.
It may have something to do with Photoshop Elements 5. researching.
return of the color dulling.
@Warpstar: MS Paint. I save the comics as .pngs.