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Hi, My name is Brodie and sometimes I like to draw comics. Other times I also like to drink antisocially and make snide remarks about Piers Morgan. I play guitar and sometimes do it publicly.
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    Brodie Martin
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I love your comic, but now I love it just a little bit more. EDF! EDF! EDF!
100 Comics!
I just realised that this is the Unicycle of Violences 100th comic so I thought I'd take this space to say thanks for reading my shitty jokes and sticking with me. Thanks guys!
And we're done
Well, after exhaustive testing, I've decided that plots are exhausting, draining and other words ending in 'ing.'

In conclusion, I have concluded that the best resolution to this is to not bother doing one again.
Followed By...
The Short Walk to the Bus-Stop of Infrequent Transport and Seemingly Unfairly High Ticket Prices
Hah! You may have escaped from the Gloom of... Inescapable Gloomyness. But now you must traverse The Pay and Display Carpark of Seemingly Infinite Proportions
Well bud, it was great while it lasted. Hope we'll see some more goodies from you soon.
How's this 'plot' thing working for y'all?
Holidaaaaa-ay! Celebraaaaa-ate!
We're going on our summer holiday, lots of cocktails for a week or two.

Comics re-comence a-round the tenth of June, I hope the cocktails don't make me spew (ooooh-oooh)

Back in a wee-eeek or two!
A brief thought on Omegle
It's kind of sad to think that as you read this, hundreds of men around the world are masturbating on a web camera, hoping and praying that the next click will find them face to face with a woman willing to get their bits out. What would happen should this ever occur is as unknown as it is unlikely.
Hang-dog hung-up hang-over
Thank god birthdays only come once a year. I am never drinking again, ever. Seriously, I feel how Tom Waits sounds.

I'd like to thank the Changing Horses for the excellent gig last night. I'd also like to plug them, so if you've not heard them, they're a great little indie duo from Lincoln, find them here:
Seriously though...
This is probably just my liberal-media addled brain, but wouldn't it be a good idea to educate people about drugs rather than scare them with horror stories. That way when they're inevitably exposed to them, they can make an informed decision rather than a knee-jerk reaction.
I know I already did this one, but I re-did it for the new format on the other site (which failed dismally, thanks for asking.) But with the Indifferatron making more regular appearances now, I figured I'd repost it.
Apologies for the tardy update, but the weather has been mind-blowingly pleasant and thus the Unicycle has been on a beach, getting drunk for most of the time he should have been making this and last weeks comics...
I got into a matter transporter with Gordon's mom. We didn't activate it. But man did I bone her.
So this just more or less happened. Moments from finishing the speech bubbles and text, sitting back and firing up a doobie and pffft. Then cursing. Now this.
Ah, we've all been there...
I think I'm going to be busy enjoying this comic for the rest of the evening. Mua ha ha ha.