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And that is the last page of the chapter. And once again we are going on hiatus. Chapter 7 will be the last chapter of Shroud of Light, but it's going to be a BIG one. Will Mina be able to get out of this alive? Will she ever return to her home village? What will happen to Shroud? All will be revealed in the final chapter!
Oh dear...
@trifle-confusion: But how can she possibly save the day when it's always night!? Shroud is doomed!
This is going to just get worse...
Raze realizes Shroud isn't some unstoppable monster, but some half starved wretch who got a lucky shot, and he is not happy about that.
Shroud is running out of juice!
Raze notices something is off about Shroud
Time to throw down!
We know that Shroud is an anorexic wimp, but to Raze he's still death in a poncho. These two are both internally shrieking in horror!
The tub of lard once known as Gore... GOURMAND!
September 21st, 2015
Oh hey, it's everybody's favorite vine clinger bait, Cast!
Hey did you know we've started putting Shroud of Light on Tapastic? Check it out, it won't be catching up to what we have up on smackjeeves, but the pages pop up as you scroll down! It's super nifty!

Also check out this awesome comic I found there its awesome!
Can you see why Mina is angry?
Geez Mina way to bring up bad memories!
This chapter is almost over...
Ask not of the meat pile!
July 29th, 2015
"How could only four survive?" Well they were going up against a gigantic worm with multiple names capable of casting spells...
July 29th, 2015
Loving this comic so far!
Mina stop that, stop being rude.